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Put on a mask: 10 ways to cope with any troubles
Put on a mask: 10 ways to cope with any troubles

2020 turned out to be eventful, and mostly unpleasant. Experts tell you what you need to do to get through difficult times with minimal losses and to the question "How are you?" answer: "Great."

Put on a mask: 10 ways to cope with any troubles
Put on a mask: 10 ways to cope with any troubles

Schedule a time for sadness

Yes, mark it in your diary and allow yourself to indulge in gloomy thoughts for 5-10 minutes. This will help you think good the rest of the time, and not drive away unpleasant thoughts all the time.

Think good before bed

Take a minute or two before falling asleep to remember the pleasant experiences of the day. Even something as small as a smile at a cashier in a store can make the day not as bad as it seemed at first.

Turn Bad into Good

Of course, this is not always possible. But, for example, the thought that you are alone can be transformed like this: "This extra time for myself does not mean that I am cut off from the world, it can be used for rest, reflection and work on myself."

Let yourself laugh

Laughter is a great coping mechanism. Watch a comedy show or read anecdotes, even with cats scratching their hearts.

Imagine pleasant moments

Instead of thinking about the impossibility of flying on a desired vacation, imagine in maximum detail what it would look like. If you take a little time to do this, your brain will turn some fantasies into almost real memories, and you will feel better.

Remember the good

If life gets out of control, remember the time and place where you felt good. On vacation, in the garden, or even in your favorite chair. Remember how protected you felt in those moments, and feel that the situation has improved slightly.

Change your view of the present

If you lost your job or got divorced, think that this time is not for money or love, but, for example, for creativity and relaxation. And it will become clear that external factors do not define you in any way, which means that it will be easier to cope with them.

Charge the battery

Make a list of things that help you relax and unwind: meeting friends, talking with loved ones, a good book, favorite music. When you feel that your strength is running out, use this list to renew your energy supply.

Deal with anxiety

Remember this phrase: "Let your future self solve future problems." In other words, do not imagine the troubles of the future: with what happens next, you will cope … later.

Just breathe

If your heart is ready to jump out of your chest, take a few slow breaths in and out to calm yourself and find ground under your feet.

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