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Rich Pinocchio: the terrible flaws of male millionaires
Rich Pinocchio: the terrible flaws of male millionaires

In general, the times when every girl dreamed of marrying a millionaire are long gone. On the other hand, the times have come when a millionaire is not so easy to distinguish from a poor student at first sight. And there is a chance that you will contact the rich Pinocchio, having no idea about his wealth. And the disadvantages accompanying it. These are these.

Rich Pinocchio: the terrible flaws of male millionaires
Rich Pinocchio: the terrible flaws of male millionaires

He is greedy

Which, in principle, is completely normal, otherwise he would not be so rich. In order to make a lot of money, you need to love them sincerely. All other tricks that can be learned from cheap (which is typical) literature such as "How to become a millionaire in a week" do not work on their own. But if they, like pyramid rings, are strung on a base - a sincere and damn strong love for money, then it is likely that they will work. However, anything will work here.

And then it’s very simple: we are all owners and what we love, we don’t want to squander, but we want to keep it with us, so you will have to live with a curmudgeon. And if greed can somehow be forgiven for a poor man, or rather, not forgiven, but to find excuses for such ugly behavior, then this number will not work with the rich Buratino. The way a cute one huddles to spend money that his chickens do not peck at is a pitiful, heartbreaking sight. One of the most asexual in the world, yes.

He's got paranoia

It is enough to open any public in which men discuss women in order to see the ugly: we are considered mercantile predators even by quite average men with an average appearance, average talents and, most importantly, an average salary of 40 thousand rubles. That is, even those from whom there is nothing to take, except for analyzes, are afraid for their "capital", let alone millionaires. Get ready for the fact that you will be checked for commercialism: are you sure you are not with him for the sake of his money? But even if not for the sake, sooner or later you will be accused of it.

He has a god complex

Which can do everything, well, or almost everything. In fact, he can buy almost everything, which, of course, is very convenient, but in the long term it spoils the character a lot: when for many years in a row any problem is solved by the thesis "Here's money for you, and don't make me a pregnant head!" just die off as unnecessary, like an atavism. And when a problem arises that cannot be solved with money, the rich Buratino falls into a sacred rage and begins to throw thunder and lightning: how is it - from him, the great, miserable mortals dare to demand something!

He has no time for anything

The following logically follows from the previous points: our Pinocchio never has time. First, he works hard because he loves money. Secondly, he works hard again because he is afraid of losing money (and even if they are not in danger, paranoia does not sleep). Third, you can always pay someone to spend their time on all sorts of minor things. For example, for this someone to go shopping, change diapers for children and walk them in parks and take a dog to an exhibition. That's just life, including family, this is what. And the question is how long it will be interesting for you to live with her nanny and housekeeper.

He's a bad lover

Firstly, since he is rich, and the dream of marrying a millionaire still lives in the souls of some young ladies, most likely, his mistresses always lied to him and pretended that he was the best lover in the world (as they say, again, cheap girls' guides printed on cheap newsprint). Secondly, he works too much and gets nervous too often, which does not have the best effect on potency. And, finally, really good lovers come from gentle and empathic men or from passionate and temperamental men, or from men who are in love with their woman, not just head over heels, but to death. But they are almost never millionaires: the first will be devoured by competitors, the second will waste their capital under the influence of emotions, and the third will have to choose, because you can really love one thing with passion. And it seems they didn't choose money.

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