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What makes breasts grow?
What makes breasts grow?

Girls know a lot of ways to add volume to their breasts. But it's one thing when you want to make a bigger bust, and quite another when it grows by itself, without your desire. Finding out what causes the breast to grow.

What makes breasts grow?
What makes breasts grow?

What makes girls' breasts grow

This is one of the most obvious explanations. The fuller we are, the more part of our body, including the bust, which consists of both glandular and adipose tissue. The proportion has been determined: with each extra kilogram gained, the breast weight increases by 20 grams. Simply, plus 10 kg of weight is equal to plus one (at least!) Breast size.


Estrogen and progesterone can also increase breast size. These hormones-constructors shape the figure when the breasts begin to grow, and also distribute fat deposits, condition the development of the genitals and mammary glands. Even if you are not using contraceptives, naturally-produced estrogen can retain fluid in your body. Partly because of this, before menstruation, the breast swells and grows. Buying underwear during this period, you most likely will not fit into the usual model and ask to bring you a bra one size larger. Therefore, it is better to plan your shopping in the middle of the cycle.

Hazardous substances

Xenoestrogens are substances that enter the body from the environment. We get them from food, along with pesticides and air pollution products, as well as from low-quality cosmetics and detergents. According to biologists, such compounds destroy the hormonal system (because they act like estrogens, but they are not - and trigger the wrong mechanisms). In addition, they can accumulate in the body. Eating toxin-pumped food can promote belly fat and breast tissue development. By the way, not only in women, but also in men. There is also good news: cruciferous plants (cabbage, kohlrabi, horseradish, radish, turnip, rutabaga) will help prevent the undesirable action of xenoestrogens.


What should I do to make my breasts grow? Exercise can slightly adjust a woman's breasts. It is unlikely to increase it by size with the help of aerobic exercise. But, performing a complex aimed at strengthening the muscles of the chest, back and arms, you can tone them. Which ones? Search here! A toned body, straightened shoulders are able to "lift" the chest.

My best gift

Breast augmentation surgery is on the top list of coveted gifts from Italian graduates. How long does the breast grow? Until about 18 years of age. And on their 18th birthday, they now want a vacation in other countries, new cars and … a larger bust. American graduates also agree with them. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of young patients is increasing 2-3 times every year.

Over Rate

American Norma Stitz is the owner of the largest natural breast in the world, which in 1999 was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2009 this title was confirmed. Norma's bust circumference is 259 cm, and the weight of each breast is 19 kilograms. Norma maintains her own website, but since she works in the show industry (more precisely, in its “strawberry” sphere), she urges only adults to visit


  • When buying a bra, remember that it should not rise too much on the back and cut under the breast. If you doubt the size - raise your hand: if part of the chest hangs over the edge of the cup, the model is small. Don't buy lingerie based on a show model or girlfriend. Each of us suits our style and needs our own size.
  • For those with a bust from 0 to 2 sizes (AA - B) - cups with one dart. For those who wear C and D, there are more complex models with several parts.
  • The larger the chest, the wider the straps should be, it is they, and not the bones in the cups, that hold the chest.

Now you know what makes breasts grow! Look for more detailed rules for choosing lingerie in this article!

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