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Read in the eyes! 9 signs that you are very dear to him
Read in the eyes! 9 signs that you are very dear to him

At the beginning of a relationship, both partners usually do not hide their feelings. After some time, love turns into a "quiet" stage, when it is pleasant to be around. And if you need additional confirmation that your partner is not going anywhere and has tender feelings for you, here they are!

Read in the eyes! 9 signs that you are very dear to him
Read in the eyes! 9 signs that you are very dear to him

1. He does things around the house that you don't like

This issue is sometimes decided in sequence - with inevitable skirmishes, if he has forgotten what he had to do. But a person who loves always knows what household chores you hate, and does them himself. And in return you do what makes him mad. Parity!

2. He is willing to do anything during a date

This is sometimes mistaken for indifference or unwillingness to show imagination. However, research shows that men in love have lower serotonin levels than women, so they are less enthusiastic. So do not be offended, he is just ready to do what you like, at least just watch TV in his arms.

3. Calls your name during sex

This is one of the optional features - after all, everyone has a different character. But if, for example, you exchange "suns" and "babies" during the day, and in bed you acquire a name, this means that he is fully involved in the process. If calling by name is not customary for you, pay attention to eye contact, both in and out of bed.

4. Quickly ends the quarrel

You argue, you are clearly wrong - and suddenly he steps aside and ends the discussion. No, this is not laziness, just men, as a rule, tend to avoid conflicts, and for him it is also very important that you do not get upset over trifles. If you continue to argue, it can drag on for a long time and leave an unpleasant mark on the soul, but who needs it?

5. Lays aside the phone

Nowadays, people are attached to smartphones almost like pets. In one social network they upload a photo of breakfast, in another - a funny game with a child, in the third they share someone else's article about an urgent issue. And if he always puts his phone aside to spend time with you. He puts you above work and friends and tries not to succumb to bad habits.

6. He doesn't talk about divorce

Even in difficult times, when you find it difficult to find common ground, he does not say the word "divorce." And this is logical: such a context strongly puts pressure on the interlocutor and his aspirations, and why, from scratch, start thinking about how you will live separately?

7. Likes to surprise you

It's not about expensive gifts for no reason, but rather about little things that raise your spirits. Here he brought you ice cream, here he took tickets for a concert of your favorite artist. Small expressions of love and care are more valuable than fur coats and jewelry.

8. Holding your hand in public

Maybe you are no longer kissing in a dark corner of the bar, but the fact that he is keen not to let go of your hand is a great sign. Surely it will be so in old age. And let those around them think what they want!

9. Always wants to know more about you

It's nice when a loved one is interested in what you like, what's going on inside, and not just the schedule of lessons at school for children. Although you both know each other well, it is impossible to know everything completely. And that's great!

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