Cosmo effect from Alina Farkash
Cosmo effect from Alina Farkash

Leading a large company, traveling around Europe on a bicycle, proposing first, not hesitating to speak out loud about sex - all this seemed strange or indecent even to our mothers, not to mention grandmothers. Alina believes that to say thank you for the fact that we now live in a completely different world is also worth Cosmo.

It is clear that both before me and Pooh, and long before Cosmo, there were young, cheerful and easy-going mothers in the world, we just proclaimed this as the norm. Many people opened their eyes after that text: "Why, is that also possible ?!"

It is also important to understand that our magazine is very far from the history of the pursuit of eternal youth and the image of an eternal adolescent. Cosmo talks about opportunities that do not close before us when we cross a certain formal border - age, social status, parenting. That you can open your own business and achieve success at sixteen and forty. To marry for great love - with any number of children (husband, hello!). To become a promising writer at the age of 13 (that is how much was one of the authors of the "Test of the pen" column).

Cosmo is about never too late. About what we ourselves choose, whether we feel like a girl or a woman, and about the fact that both of these possibilities are wonderful and amazing. About the fact that when you are thirty-three, you have two children, a husband, a job, breastfeeding and writing with a first grader, you can buy yourself a funny French sled - a copy of a real Olympic bobsleigh equipment - and ride them every night from the local mountain. Just because you love to ride. I did this all winter - a great feeling, I want to tell you! My grandmother would definitely like to fly from the mountain, she was athletic and hot. But at the same time it would have seemed indecent to her. And I want to cry from resentment for her. And with joy for us. How they escaped from prison, by God!

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