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Secrets of a good morning: how to use a coffee maker at home
Secrets of a good morning: how to use a coffee maker at home

Nice to start the day with a cup of aromatic coffee! Agree, even the grayest Monday seems less intimidating when breakfast is flavored with your favorite drink. Learn how to properly use your home coffee maker, and do not deny yourself anything.

Secrets of a good morning: how to use a coffee maker at home
Secrets of a good morning: how to use a coffee maker at home

Making coffee in a home coffee maker is not only convenient and cozy, but also comparatively profitable. Calculate your daily routine costs for a coffee cup to go and make the right decision. That's right, we are talking about purchasing a coffee maker. For those who are not in the know: they are of different types. Geyser, capsule, carob and drip are the main names for kitchen assistants for making coffee.

How to make coffee in a coffee maker

Coffee makers are different, each type requires special operating conditions. Before purchasing this wonderful unit, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the nuances and understand what are the main differences and similarities.

How to brew coffee in a capsule coffee maker

The capsule coffee maker is a snap to use and is one of the most popular types for home use. A capsule or filter coffee maker belongs to electrical engineering, it is also often called American.

To brew coffee in a capsule coffee maker, follow these steps:

  1. The filter of the coffee maker is filled with grain, 2-3 tablespoons per cup of water.
  2. Fill the tank of the coffee maker with cold water.
  3. Turn on the coffee maker. The steam generated during boiling rises through the tube, forms condensate, is filtered through the ground coffee mass and drains into a special dish.

How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker

How to use a geyser coffee maker and how is it different from a capsule coffee maker? It's all about the mechanism of its work: when the water boils, steam is formed, which rises through the tube under pressure and fills the cup with a coffee stream. This process is very reminiscent of a geyser volcano, hence the name of the coffee maker.

You need to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker as follows:

  1. Fill the bottom tank of the coffee maker with water. You need to use purified water at room temperature.
  2. Take a few spoons of ground coffee and fill the filter with it.
  3. Connect the parts of the coffee maker and plug it into an outlet.
  4. When the appliance heats up, steam is generated, which builds up pressure and expels the water saturated with coffee flavor and aroma.
  5. The coffee liquid flows through the straw into the container, resulting in a drink.

How to use the espresso machine

The espresso maker has a plastic or metal horn. The strength and richness of coffee depends directly on the degree of grinding of the grain and its pressing. Grain is best manipulated with a device called a tempera.

  1. After pressing the grain into the compartment of the coffee maker, install the spout.
  2. Fill the tank of the coffee maker with water.
  3. Turn on the device.
  4. The rozhkovy coffee maker works in such a way that steam under pressure passes through the coffee mass, the condensate gradually cools down and flows into the cup.

How to use a capsule coffee maker

  1. Take a coffee capsule that matches your coffee maker (you can check with the consultant in the store).
  2. Make 3 punctures on the capsule and insert it into the special slot inside the coffee maker.
  3. The water is heated and passed through the filter.
  4. The container will fill with coffee, and the spent capsule can be thrown away.

This type of coffee maker is most often used in offices, beauty salons and other public places because it is relatively easy to operate and allows you to taste different coffee flavors. Very often the taste of coffee depends not only on the operation of the coffee maker itself, but also on the capsules purchased.

How to use a coffee maker correctly and make delicious coffee

To make coffee tasty, you need not only to select the right beans, but also to observe the hygiene of the coffee appliance. The coffee maker must be rinsed in time according to the instructions, cleaned of old beans and the capsules must be disposed of in time in case of using capsule coffee makers.

You can use cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and nuts to decorate your finished coffee drink. There are several ways to prepare coffee, each of which is good in its own way. For example, some drinks require preheating the cup to enhance the taste of the brewed coffee.


The strongest type of coffee, it is best to use a carob coffee machine for its preparation. Espresso is served in heated cups 2/3 full.


Latte is prepared in layers in a tall irish glass. First - 40-50 ml of espresso, and then add milk, pouring it along the wall


It is necessary to brew an espresso from a medium roast coffee mixture, gradually pour coffee into the boiled milk.

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