Who if not you? 4 easy ways to take care of yourself
Who if not you? 4 easy ways to take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is something that many people forget about, especially if your interests eventually disappeared into family interests. Here are some ways to improve your life and remember that you are a separate, independent person.

Who if not you? 4 easy ways to take care of yourself
Who if not you? 4 easy ways to take care of yourself

1. Relax

People often don't want to take care of themselves because they don't have time for yoga, money for massage, or energy for sports. But the concept of caring does not include devoting an hour or two a week to yourself, but how you manage your whole life and relate to yourself. If you live in a state of stress, think about your family or work all the time, compare yourself with others, then no massage will improve your condition. Try to think less about what causes stress, and then life will become more enjoyable.

2. Get distracted

How do you distract yourself from stress and a long to-do list? Many people say that they watch TV, change channels, read books, go to the movies … These are good ways, but everything is good in moderation! If distracted all the time, rash thoughts will accumulate and cause even more serious stress. Finding balance in life is difficult, but doable.

3. Release your emotions

Taking care of yourself is also a way to get through difficult times with the least amount of waste. For example, if you have several important events and deadlines superimposed at the same time, you just won't be distracted from them. If you also keep emotions inside, you will explode sooner or later. To throw them out, keep a diary, draw pictures, talk to friends, dance, listen to music … or cry properly. You can read poetry that suits your condition, or watch video lectures to help you relax.

4. Take care of the body

And again, this is not about yoga with massage. Try to eat right, sleep longer, take relaxing baths and do not skimp on it. The result will not be long in coming.

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