The most popular plastic surgery of 2021: no one enlarges the breast anymore
The most popular plastic surgery of 2021: no one enlarges the breast anymore

Plastic surgery is a highly volatile industry. It has its own fashion and anti-trends! We asked an expert to tell you what Russian women most often change in themselves in 2021. And this list surprised us.

The most popular plastic surgery of 2021: no one enlarges the breast anymore!
The most popular plastic surgery of 2021: no one enlarges the breast anymore!

You will be surprised, but during the pandemic, the demand for plastic surgery has only increased: surgeons literally work non-stop! Some patients gained extra weight during the quarantine period, others are tired of putting up with cosmetic flaws that have long caused self-doubt. And still others simply took advantage of the opportunity: and comfortably recovered from the operation in a remote location. So what do Russian women change in themselves today most often?

Dmitry Skvortsov
Dmitry Skvortsov

Dmitry Skvortsov plastic surgeon, winner of the "Crystal Lotus - 2019" award in the category "Best plastic surgeon in rhinoplasty", author of the method "French cheeks" and body correction after childbirth "Ideal mother"


With the transition to the format of online communication, it became important for most people how they look in the eyes of the interlocutor on the other side of the screen. A large nose, its curved back, large wings, a massive tip, visible asymmetry - flaws in appearance began to remind of themselves not only in the mirror and in photographs, but also during video calls and Zoom conferences.

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Interestingly, if earlier they resorted to rhinoplasty in order to correct the profile by eliminating the hump, today the discontent is usually associated with the frontal view - which is captured by the smartphone camera.

At the same time, patients prefer less traumatic and gentle methods. The advantages are obvious: a shortened rehabilitation period, a predictable result, a gentle effect and minimizing the risk of hematomas, scars and edema. In particular, the demand for preserving rhinoplasty has grown, which allows you to change the shape and size of the nose without destroying its natural anatomical pyramid, bones, cartilage, blood vessels and nerves.

Body lipomodelling

The coronavirus has greatly affected our usual rhythm of life. Forced self-isolation, frozen gym membership, city restrictions, closed borders and postponed vacations. Lack of activity in tandem with the habit of looking for sources of joy in baked goods and sweets inevitably leads to extra pounds …

In order to return to the previous form, you need to monitor your diet for several months and do not forget about regular physical activity. But plastic surgeons offer an alternative: body liposculpture can be used to eliminate excess fat and add volume where it is lacking. Fat is extracted through micro-punctures, for example, from the abdomen and thighs, undergoes special processing and transplanted into the "deficit" zones. This is usually the chest and buttocks. The method of redistribution of adipose tissue allows you to simulate the desired silhouette and even form the cherished "cubes" of the press. But the main thing here is without fanaticism!

Combined operations

Why undergo an expensive preoperative examination several times, take tests, expose the body to stress due to anesthesia and undergo rehabilitation after rehabilitation, if today it is possible to carry out complex plastic surgery in one go? Combo is a smart saving of time and money. One-stage plastic is especially relevant when there are several problem areas. For example, young mothers can correct their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth: tighten the changed breasts, as well as improve their figure through liposuction and abdominoplasty (abdominal plastic surgery).


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The delicate and thin skin of the eyelids is sensitive to external influences. Active facial expressions can lead to the first signs of aging at the age of 25! Puffiness, loose skin, drooping eyelids, visible wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes give the face a gloomy look and add age. Eyelid surgery is capable of preserving a youthful look: it effectively eliminates traces of aging, returns youth to the look, and a well-groomed look to the face.

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3D facelift

It is no longer a secret for anyone that the coronavirus can leave an imprint not only on health, but also on appearance. Cosmetologists and plastic surgeons note that after a disease, the quality of the skin often deteriorates in patients, the facial frame "sags" and the processes of biological aging accelerate.

The anti-age complex, aimed at combating age-related changes, includes a minimally invasive endoscopic facelift (tissues are not excised, but tightened and redistributed), lipofilling (fat transplantation to form the desired shapes and volumes) and an individually designed course of cosmetic procedures. And today it is in great demand!

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