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Papillomas and warts? New methods to get rid of them
Papillomas and warts? New methods to get rid of them

We know the ways that really work!

Papillomas and warts? New methods to get rid of them
Papillomas and warts? New methods to get rid of them

In fact, warts and papillomas are not dangerous to health. Benign growths are usually removed for aesthetic reasons. Many people don't like their look. In addition, sometimes the warts cling to clothing. Why do these neoplasms appear? There is only one reason - HPV, the human papillomavirus. Almost everyone has it, but the virus comes out only when the immune system is weakened. It is necessary to deal with warts and papillomas in a comprehensive manner.

What is the difference between warts and papillomas?

The wart has a tough texture and can be up to 10 mm. It almost never disappears on its own.

Papilloma, on the other hand, is soft to the touch and small in size. These growths usually appear in places where sweat accumulates. They themselves do not pass.

How to remove warts and papillomas?

There are several effective ways. Which one to choose is up to you.

Cryodestruction, from 300 rubles

Cryodestruction is a procedure when a specialist acts on the affected area with a stream of critically low temperature. The doctor treats the wart or papilloma with liquid nitrogen and waits until the neoplasm "dies". The procedure has disadvantages. Most often, the surgeon cannot determine how deeply the cold affects. As a result, healthy tissues are often damaged. After removal of the neoplasm, a bubble remains, which disappears after a few days. Cryodestruction is relevant only for large warts that form on dense skin.

Electrocoagulation, from 150 rubles

This method, on the other hand, kills neoplasms using high temperatures. The surgeon uses a special instrument that acts precisely on even the smallest papillomas. Heat treatment coagulates the blood and attacks the build-up. After hot exposure, a crust appears instead of a wart and papilloma, but after a week it disappears. The advantage of the procedure is its low cost. Disadvantages - painful sensations during the procedure. Also, the method is not suitable for removing facial growths due to possible scars.

Laser removal, from 450 rubles

The laser is the most convenient and less painful way to remove various neoplasms. How does he work? The laser beam literally pierces the growth, heats it up and kills it. Before the procedure, the surgeon will apply pain reliever to the desired area to help numb the pain. The laser can remove growths on any part of the body. Plus the procedure - the doctor can adjust the depth and width of the impact. This means that healthy tissue will definitely not be affected. Of course, there are also downsides. One of the main ones is cost. After the procedure, you need to follow the doctor's recommendations to avoid scarring.

Get tested regularly to identify malignant neoplasms. Watch your intimate health. Only remove warts in a professional clinic, not at home.

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