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Everything you wanted to know about intimate laser rejuvenation, but hesitated to ask
Everything you wanted to know about intimate laser rejuvenation, but hesitated to ask

Age-related changes do not spare neither the face, nor the heart, nor the vagina. Many women would like to see their flower bloom again, and now there are ways to achieve this without surgery. At the same time, many are afraid: what if then sex will be like the first time, with the same pain? We can assure you: it won't. Intimate laser rejuvenation will not make you a virgin again, but it can increase the pleasure of sex.

Everything you wanted to know about intimate laser rejuvenation, but hesitated to ask
Everything you wanted to know about intimate laser rejuvenation, but hesitated to ask

Why do you need vaginal elasticity at all?

First of all, you do it for yourself, and not for that guy: the desire to rejuvenate is natural for a woman. At some point, you will find yourself face to face with your age, and the vagina is one of the few places where the aging process can really be stopped and even reversed. Another motive is to get rid of urinary incontinence, but this is not true for everyone.

There are many ways to train your vagina. There are, for example, Kegel exercises for intimate muscles, they are easy to perform literally anywhere. And there are medical procedures that will not require any effort from you.

At what age is it relevant?

Almost anywhere - from 30 to 60 years old. There are two main reasons for flabbiness: natural gravity and the effects of childbirth, so the age range is quite wide.

How is a laser different from surgery?

Laser intimate rejuvenation is not a surgical operation, so neither general anesthesia nor a hospital is needed. It can be done between your morning run and your commute. In addition, after surgery there can be many side effects: it is difficult to move away from anesthesia, pain during healing and the first sex … There are no side effects after the laser, except that some women with menopause will notice a faint pink discharge on the first day.

And how is it done?

You sit in the gynecological chair. An instrument with a laser attachment is inserted inside. The laser makes tiny wounds on the walls of the vagina, which the body seeks to quickly overgrow and regenerate. Collagen production is stimulated, the walls become stronger - this will surely make your sensations from sex more vivid. This painless procedure takes about five minutes and does not restrict physical activity.

Does the procedure change the shape of the labia?

No, as this is not a surgical procedure.

Can I have sex right away?

No, you should wait 3-4 days for healing. Don't use sex toys or tampons - in general, don't stick in there at all.

How much money does it take to rejuvenate this way?

Significant improvement can be achieved after three to five treatments. In Russia, the average cost of a course varies from 30 to 50 thousand rubles, plus mandatory consultation and testing (PAP test and infections) before starting treatment. The effect is enough for about a year.

Who is the intimate laser contraindicated for?

In no case should the procedure be carried out during pregnancy, critical days, as well as with recurrent bacterial infections of the vagina. The rest can, if the tests are good.

In short, if you are against the laser inside - do not do it, but choose exercises. If you are interested in trying and improving sexual sensations - try, there is nothing reprehensible or illegal in this. Good luck!

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