"I have to give birth during quarantine, what awaits me?": The doctor and the doula answer
"I have to give birth during quarantine, what awaits me?": The doctor and the doula answer

The COVID-19 pandemic dictates its own rules: some hospitals or departments have been redesigned, some planned operations and medical interventions have been canceled, but pregnancy and childbirth cannot be canceled. What if you are about to give birth and there is an epidemic around? What awaits you in the hospital? How can you help yourself, given that partner childbirth has been canceled, and you expected to give birth with the child's father or doula? All the answers are in our article.

"I have to give birth during quarantine, what awaits me?": The doctor and the doula answer
"I have to give birth during quarantine, what awaits me?": The doctor and the doula answer
Tatiana Viktorovna Podolskaya
Tatiana Viktorovna Podolskaya

Tatyana Viktorovna Podolskaya obstetrician-gynecologist Frau Klinik, doctor of the highest category

I am pregnant, and there is a pandemic around. Am I at risk?

Pregnancy and childbirth are important periods in the life of every woman. And, of course, many are worried about how the birth of a child will go during a pandemic.

To begin with, there is no exact information about whether pregnant women are at risk. Whether the virus can be transmitted from mother to child is currently unknown. But it has been scientifically proven that in the third trimester and during feeding, a woman's immunity is rearranged: a temporary weakening of cellular reactions that are necessary for the implantation of an embryo and a successful bearing of a child. This is what can affect the possibility of infection of a pregnant and lactating mother.

Despite the restructuring from the third trimester, it is worth taking precautions from the beginning of pregnancy. During this period, it is necessary to reduce the number of contacts with other people to a minimum, observe the regime of self-isolation and exclude visits to crowded places. If there is a sick person or a person with suspected COVID-19 in the family of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to isolate him. These precautions will help reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

If I am sick, will I be separated from my child in the maternity hospital?

Yes, after birth, the virus can still be transmitted to the baby. That is why, at the slightest suspicion of a coronavirus in the mother, she can be separated from the newborn until she recovers completely. If there is no suspicion of a coronavirus infection, then the precautions must still be followed. In maternity hospitals during the period of a pandemic, visiting relatives is completely prohibited, partner childbirth is possible only with advance examination of the partner and full preparation. Now women in labor must be in single wards, where all measures for the treatment of premises and air are carried out in accordance with the norms of the sanitary and epidemiological service. All medical personnel must observe safety measures: wear masks, gloves.

How is childbirth going now?

Childbirth during a pandemic takes place as usual, all precautions are simply followed and visits are limited. The most important thing is to protect your health during pregnancy and lactation, as well as to protect the newborn as much as possible.

The latter can be done as follows:

  • arrange end-to-end ventilation;
  • use during cleaning disinfectants approved for use for small children;
  • use an ultraviolet lamp for air disinfection, strictly following the instructions;
  • limit contact of the newborn with other people.

Parents should be attentive to both their health and the condition of the baby: if you suspect, measure the temperature and consult a doctor.

Maria Molodtsova
Maria Molodtsova

Maria Molodtsova doula

Now women expecting a baby are in confusion and bewilderment: new rigid procedures in maternity hospitals, new protocols. In large cities, many were in the mood for partner childbirth, they could not imagine how to give birth alone among strangers, without their own person nearby. This arouses great sympathy and understanding.

But, dear women, remember that there is great power within you. It is she who makes a superhero out of an ordinary person - Mother Woman. You can choose the softest maternity hospital left after closures. The best doctor in it, if there is an opportunity to conclude a contract. But even if you go to give birth according to the compulsory medical insurance, remember: everything is inside you. In your family, you are the main one, you are the queen, you will celebrate this day for many years to come as the birthday of a dear person. To put a cake with candles on the table, to be touched by the first achievements. Despite all viruses, this is a beautiful solemn day, remember this. It is very important to get ready, there are now many online courses and one-to-one classes on preparing for childbirth. But the most important thing is to be imbued with the idea: you are not a future mother, you are already a mother. Both by law and by the logic of life, the final decisions about your birth, about whether the baby will be next to you right after them, is made only by you. Of course, listening to the advice of doctors. You are a mother and you will definitely make the right decision. And all will be well.

In the meantime, there are several life hacks that will definitely help you during childbirth, even if, alas, they do not take place according to plan - without a partner.

  • Remember that you can always take your phone and charger with you to the rodbox, and, if necessary, make a “call to a friend” - your husband, doula, mother, in order to receive advice or emotional support.
  • Stock up on pleasant music in your phone, headphones, a sleep mask (if it will not be possible to turn off the light in the rodbox). You can take your favorite small toy to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Take care of snacks: baby puree in tubes, chocolate, small thermos of tea. And definitely water. Don't forget to drink. You can also take thermal water - splash it on your face and freshen up between contractions.
  • Self-massage techniques help many people well: even in the absence of a partner, you can rub your coccyx area with your fist, this greatly delays the pain. You can just lie on your own fists and push.
  • Do not forget about the help of gravity during childbirth: vertical positions in contractions are preferable to lying and can significantly ease the sensations.
  • And arm yourself in advance with a maximum of knowledge about what is happening in the hospital, what interventions can be offered and why. The feeling of confidence and understanding of what is happening in childbirth greatly helps to live the birth as comfortable as possible. Remember that feeling safe and calm is the key to a successful soft birth. Trust yourself and your body.

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