Voice, hair, red dress: 6 physical features that attract men
Voice, hair, red dress: 6 physical features that attract men

If a guy gives you an appraising look, don't blame him, blame nature. It was she who programmed him to check the surrounding women against a certain template. What attracts his eye? In which columns does the male subconscious mind tick?

Voice, hair, red dress: 6 physical features that attract men
Voice, hair, red dress: 6 physical features that attract men

It sounds cynical, but science claims that this natural "program" forces the representatives of the stronger sex to test women for the ability to conceive and give birth to a healthy child, even if the lover of undressing you with his eyes is not ready to start a family yet. Therefore, he is latently attracted by features that speak of your health and readiness for future motherhood:

1. Correct proportions

The ideal waist-to-hip ratio for women's health is 7:10 (for example, for 44 sizes clothes: waist - 60 cm, hips - 88 cm; for 52 sizes: waist - 73 cm, hips - 104 cm). Therefore, men's views are more often attracted by figures of the "eight".

2. High voice

The researchers argue that the high-pitched tone of the voice suggests a tender youth and makes you imagine a fragile girl with a feminine figure. It's amazing why men flinch so much when you screech when you find a spider in the bathroom? Probably, they suddenly discover how much femininity there is in you, and think about how to cope with such a sudden fall of happiness.

3. Healthy hair

Lush, shiny long hair is not just aesthetically pleasing. It is also proof of health and fertility. Well, or it was proof - before we learned to deftly deceive nature and use numerous hair-care tricks to make the curls seem the way they should.

4. Smile

And the point is not only that it is more pleasant to go through life hand in hand with a friendly, optimistic person who knows how to rejoice and laugh. At a subconscious level, the wisdom of primitive ancestors is still alive in us, suggesting that a person with good teeth regularly chews mammoth meat, which means that he will not die of hunger.

5. Minimum makeup

Scientists have found that men prefer women who use 40% less makeup. It is better to emphasize natural beauty, not paint over!

6. Red clothes

As we have written more than once, a red dress is not a stereotype, but a game on natural instincts. It may not sound very romantic, but we can observe the same mechanism in the zoo, when female macaques or baboons show their rear to the males, which swells with the approach of ovulation and acquires a bright red hue.

“What a horror,” you say. "Do they really choose me as a horse or a monkey?" Of course not. All these are just those features that make a man unconsciously turn his head towards a stranger. That's not why they love you.

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