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Dislike: How to Know if Your Feelings Are Not Mutual?
Dislike: How to Know if Your Feelings Are Not Mutual?

It so happens that a person declares love for a partner, but in fact it is not. In words, it is expressed something like this: "I do not want something bad to happen to him, but I do not feel for him what I should." Or: "In the end, we have common children." Or: "We can just be friends." Experts, seeing one-sided feelings in a couple, usually conduct separate sessions with both partners to assess the severity of the problem. How to understand that feelings are not reciprocal and it is time for you to do something about it?

Dislike: How to Know if Your Feelings Are Not Mutual?
Dislike: How to Know if Your Feelings Are Not Mutual?

1. Apathy

People who love each other are happy to go somewhere together. They like to delight their partner and come up with new travel and vacation options. And if it was so before, but now it is not, - maybe you are simply not satisfied with his company anymore?

2. Distance

Loving partners want to be closer to each other: they rush home from work, happily go on vacation, and an ordinary dinner together brings joy. If you want to increase the distance, this is a bad sign.

3. Physical proximity

In general, good partners are more likely to have sex. They like not only to receive, but also to give pleasure. They are interested in what turns the other on and how they can improve the already pleasant intimate events. If you have forgotten when you had sex, it is worth considering, but will it still be?

4. Focus

Loving partners think of each other, they can bring a gift for no reason, they always console if the other is bad. Is this enough in your relationship?

5. Value

If everything is good in a couple, both are happy that they were able to find such a suitable partner. Both value each other and consider each other a great love. And if you are just another fish in the ocean for him (or vice versa), things are not so good.

6. Respect

An unconditional given in a good relationship. They respect not only each other, but also their choice, they know how to listen, speak and reach a compromise, they work well in a team. If a couple does not get out of high-profile disputes over little things, there may be problems.

Problems in one or more areas do not necessarily mean that everything is bad for you, but it is worth taking a closer look and starting to fix the situation before it gets worse.

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