Regina Burd: "I am proud to be the wife of Serezha Zhukov"
Regina Burd: "I am proud to be the wife of Serezha Zhukov"

In an interview with Cosmo, Regina Burd spoke about her confectionery Love and Sweets, her participation in the Slivki group and her relationship with Serezha Zhukov.

Regina Burd: "I am proud to be the wife of Serezha Zhukov"
Regina Burd: "I am proud to be the wife of Serezha Zhukov"

Despite all your successes, many people know you only as the wife of Seryozha Zhukov from the Hands Up group, does it bother you?

No, it doesn't hurt me. To be close to such a person is a colossal responsibility, I want to correspond to him, help and protect him. It is a great honor for me to be the wife of my husband.

Two years ago, you performed the wedding ceremony, having been married for 10 years, why did you decide to do it after so much time?

It's just that we both felt that we were ready for this, that the moment had come, we wanted something … an adult. (Smiles.) It was important not only for us, but also for the kids. After all, Serezha and I already have three children. We felt that after that we became even closer to each other.

What's the secret to a long-term relationship?

Seryozha often goes on tour, so we have time to miss each other.


You used to sing yourself. In 2008 you left the Slivki group. Want to come back?

I like to remember my past. But it is in the past. It was a wonderful period in my life, but I would not want to return it. Now I am at a different level of development.

Chatting with colleagues?

Yes, I can't say that we see each other often, but we have maintained a good relationship.

Let's talk about your business. Confectionery "Love and Sweets" is five years old soon, the first anniversary is coming, how do you assess the path traveled and what are your plans for the future?

There are two sensations: on the one hand, we are still young, this is a short time for the confectionery business, and on the other hand, looking back and understanding how much we have gone through, how many difficulties we have encountered, how many mistakes we have made, it seems that we are great. There are a lot of plans! We are going to develop off-line sales. This year we want to open at least five new confectionery shops in Moscow, but so far we are talking only about the central regions. Different formats - a showcase, when there is only one seller, there is coffee, tea and desserts, and, of course, the format of a full-fledged cafe, where, in addition to desserts, there will be another menu. We're also going to start working on the franchise.

What was the hardest part?

The most difficult thing is to decide on a place and understand: will it work here or not. The choice of bakery outlets strongly depends on the format of the place. Everywhere has its own rules.

Tell us about the bestsellers Love and Sweets. What's your favorite dessert?

The most popular is "Rotten tree stump". Despite its funny and at the same time scary name, it has magnetism, visitors come back to it again and again, this dessert has become the most recognizable. Even when customers order a large cake, they are asked to include this flavor in one of the tiers. I myself love delicate tastes. It's hard for me to tell who my favorite is, but I prefer the combination of custard and berries - it's a classic.


Rotten Stump is the most popular dessert in the Love and Sweets confectionery.

When there are so many goodies from the bakery nearby, how do you manage to stay in great physical shape?

Over the years, I have developed immunity.

How is your husband involved in the Love and Sweets process?

He often helps me make important decisions, but he has his own job.

How do you and Seryozha manage to find a balance between personal and work relationships?

For me, the pastry shop is like a fourth child. I don't know how I cope and if I cope at all … It happens that I forget to buy groceries for home because I stayed late in the office, or, on the contrary, I missed something at work because I was with my family. Serezha and I went through a lot. There was a difficult stage when we realized that the work captured us completely … Apparently, it was not accidental. After that, we learned how to set boundaries. Now we try to leave all the difficulties and problems out of the house. We realized that the family is the main thing, and everything else can wait.


Your husband recently reopened the Hands Up bar. Have you been there? How are your impressions?

Of course it was! And more than once! If I don’t come there, everyone is so happy! Seryozha managed to revive the atmosphere of the 90s, and for our generation this is the time when the world and people were a little different. It evokes fond memories of youth, for someone and childhood. The bar is very popular, especially among corporate companies, the evenings are fun: people sing, come off, forget that they are already adult uncles and aunts who already have children of their own.

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