10 rules of living with a webmaster
10 rules of living with a webmaster

The character, habits and lifestyle of these guys are legendary. On Webmaster's Day, we tell you what to do if you are lucky enough to become the girlfriend of a man whose life is inextricably linked with a computer.

10 rules of living with a webmaster
10 rules of living with a webmaster

If he chose you, then you are perfect! By definition, there can be no less ideal next to a webmaster. He easily finds an error in the code of any site and just as easily determines the "error" in the girl's code. Rejoice! You have passed a bunch of filters and tests to take your rightful place next to the "ruler of the world." And now that you are safely included in his program, it's time to master the basic rules for handling your treasure.

Don't bother him talking to the computer … Respect the sacrament of communication with the dearest that he has. Sometimes he asks him a question and through some channel known only to him, he gets an answer. If they are apart for more than an hour, they begin to miss each other. When they work together, it looks cooler than pair skating.

Take care of his personal space … About the fact that a cat ran away from a neighbor, your nail broke, and yesterday you saw wonderful lilac shoes, tell your friend. When your genius is in the process of creating a website or program, put on an invisible hat. If there are too many of you, he will move to the roof, and you will remain writing the novel "The Programmer on the Roof."

Remind him of the day of the week, month and year … The chronology of your beloved man is measured by the beginning and end of work. He will accurately name the date when he began to create this or that site, but he will think about what month is on the calendar. Your summer dress will be a clue. Ahhh yes! It's summer already!

Walk regularly … Fresh air helps to improve mental activity, as well as remind grandmothers at the entrance of your paired existence with this wonderful man with red tired eyes.

Let him sleep … This is a special item! Realize that your boyfriend does not have such concepts as day and night. He may have 25 … 30 … 45 hours in a day. Don't even try to explain to him that you need to sleep at night and work during the day. Take it for granted: when he goes to bed, then the night. Close the curtains and disappear for a while, that's the best you can do. His brain needs unloading.. shhhh.. don't click! Go for a walk!

Feed well … If you don't know how to cook at all, then it's time to get your grandmother's cookbook and start mastering it with the section “meat; fish ", but for now, at least boil an egg. His brain needs protein foods. And do not forget to throw a handful of nuts on his table, preferably walnuts, let the Omega-3 be charged.

Put all your computer equipment under his care … The transfer of everything "movable" and "immovable" will happen by itself and very naturally. Thanks to his care, your computer will begin to "breathe" more freely and "run" faster. You can relax and have fun. Now there is a person nearby who can do EVERYTHING!

Don't touch his "treasure" … He always has a lot of them and in different places. And if it suddenly seems to you that chaos and devastation has come around, then ask him to remind you once again that the memory bar is in the glass for toothbrushes, and the flash drive in the bread bin is a clearly verified unshakable system.

Listen and admire … If an ordinary man needs it, then your boyfriend really needs it. You are his muse and inspiration, accept it as a fact proven by generations. And stop painting your nails when you are consulted about the fate of the world! Most importantly, you don't have to pretend to show your admiration and respect. He with his codes, incomprehensible words, typing speed and smart glowing eyes will always look a little god and … also inspire you to "bring him tea."

Love … This rule is especially important. Your genius can barely formulate shushi-pushi, but he desperately needs it. He is used to expressing and thinking logically and is very embarrassed by his feelings, considering them to be something foreign and incomprehensible. Only you are able to return him to the sensual world, raking under you laptops, mice, pieces of iron and codes in his head. And he will definitely write the next program in your honor!

Anna Matusevich understood the feelings of a real webmaster

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