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Online dating
Online dating

Rumor has it that you can actually get to know each other on the Internet!

Online dating
Online dating

Recognition, it is also a preface: Of course, it’s complete nonsense that I decided to research dating sites for the good of the community. Ha ha! I just really wanted to meet on the Internet. But I can't just, without any alibi, take and … What will this society say? That I am an overdue bride seeking happiness in an unnatural way?..

purpose of the experiment: under the guise of an editorial assignment to penetrate the sites, win the hearts of many there, and show someone that he will regret it. And at the same time find out if it's true what they say about online dating. And they mainly say the following about them: there are rumors that you can really get to know each other on the Internet!

What are people saying about online dating?

On this score, in wide circles, there are two diametrically opposite opinions. Here are both:

Long live the Internet that connects hearts

“Three times we could not meet - then she could not, then me. Nobody wanted to meet anymore, but it was just uncomfortable in front of the person. But when we met … It seemed to me that I had known her for a very long time. And two weeks later I said to her: let's live together, and she said: let's go! Before that, I spent about six months on dating sites. I have no time and nowhere to get acquainted, and since my activity is connected with computers, it was convenient. You sit looking at the pictures. Probably met with a dozen girls. Someone didn’t like me, someone didn’t like me, but there were girls, to put it mildly, strange … "Alla:" On the dating site I was not at all accidental and not even for fun. By that time, I had already managed to be married and divorced. But my goal was not to jump out to get married again, but to raise my self-esteem, because it collapsed a lot after the divorce. Therefore, I made acquaintances right and left, but, as a rule, the matter did not go further than correspondence and a couple of dates. Zhenya wrote to me and left his phone number, I called almost immediately, and we agreed to meet somehow. It somehow lasted almost a month. In the evening of February 14, 2004, I was waiting for him at Petrogradskaya … All evening we hung out around St. Petersburg and could not stop talking - it seemed that I met a loved one. A month later we rented an apartment together. And now we have two amazing boys!"

Down with the Internet, which promises and does nothing

“Dating sites are a wasted time to spend with beautiful, interesting people. The variety of options creates the illusion of a lot of choice. "No, with this I will not, there seemed to be a few more cool ones." And so, not concentrating on one specific person, you write to many, words become shallow, interest disappears. They don't answer often. Hence the feeling of wasted time, meaninglessness. Often they write such nonsense that you start to doubt the rationality of the participants. Most of the women: selfish teenagers, abandoned young mothers, cunning and useless bitches. Most of the men: spermatoxic youths, lazy fat wallets, elderly ladies' men. Many are sitting just like that. Show yourself, amuse your pride. People completely forget about the purpose of the resource - meetings. They get out of the habit of communicating in real life. " lll The scatter is obvious. And finally, the third opinion, which I could well pass off as my own, because, in fact, I am of the same opinion:

“The statement that you are getting to know each other on the Internet in a decent company arouses politely disgusting bewilderment. It's like admitting that you love the work of Nadezhda Kadysheva. You prefer shawarma to an exquisite deflop with crouton croutons at Gorkovskaya, and besides, you are not ashamed of it! Because it is known that you can meet love at work, at the university, in a fitness club, in your travel pocket at the Academicheskaya Street or while traveling across India. But not on dating sites! Fi, thank you! After all, there are only sexually preoccupied maniacs, pubertal adolescents, married erotomaniacs and illiquid goods shamefully expelled from the marriage market. Driven by a thirst for acquaintances and empirical curiosity, I decided to refute or confirm this legend. And I registered on one of the sites. " Yes, I have registered on one of the relevant sites. More precisely, we registered on one of the relevant sites, because registration on them, like a yawn, is accompanied by social reinforcement. You register and tell your friend about it. Then the girlfriend says: "AHA!" - and is also registered. You are constantly discussing the successes in ICQ and copy-paste of especially successful gentlemen: “Favorite artist: fig knows. Favorite food: apple strudel. " Then the girls from your department are cautiously interested in what it is you are giggling at, flapping your wings and pounding on the keyboard. Of course, they also register the next day. And so you float across the dusty steppes of the Internet as a collective, every now and then running to see what next sea monster threw stormy information waves at the feet of one of you.

Conclusion one: it is much more fun to get acquainted on the Internet collectively.

  • "The crazy poet, the mystical anarchist, walking over the abyss, calls from afar to the one who dares to eat him hand in hand to walk the everyday path and know everything. The proposal is serious!"
  • "Sober, very kind and efficient, has 700 rubles; in order to get married, he is looking for a merchant, with the same spiritual qualities, and not a very young lady, with a capital of 700 rubles or having a commercial business in this amount. labor and tender love, let us gain happiness on earth! "
  • “The director of the bank, 45 years old, wants to marry a person, age, social status, religion, past and physical disabilities are indifferent, but only rich.
  • "A woman of Balzac age with an exotic fantasy, very sensitively nervous, cordial. Distinguishing physical features: beautiful, nervously expressive eyes and exceptionally small leg. Free, rich, educated, traveled a lot, original, free mindset (librt esprit). But she is bored. Taste all over the original … "
  • "I am poor and ugly. I am looking for the fullest contrast …"

"Part of the legend found its confirmation right away. Dating sites are really overflowing with inadequacies. However, it is easy to fight them - at least a minimal sense of humor is enough for this. A man with the brutality of an asphalt roller driver wrote to me. The Asphalt Roller sent a philosophical maxim that that our world is spoiled by stupid stereotypes about the unacceptability of sex on the first date, as well as the banal need for meetings, and for some reason, certainly in crowded places and in the city center. The skating rink hesitantly offered my apartment, but I insisted. The knight could not resist and disappeared. Just like other funny madmen, for example, the mustachioed cook Anatoly, captured against the background of the Soviet carpet. In principle, neither a mustache, nor a Soviet aesthetics are not alien to me, but I was scared by the photo of Anatoly, where he flambé something very effectively at a high speed vorode, being at the same time in a cap with the name "Boris". Wasn't Boris burning so effectively in that very frying pan? " lll From the very beginning, Irina and I agreed to take fundamentally different positions - to make it more interesting. Irina, as the youngest and most charming lily of the valley, chose the expectant, and I, like a grated, uncomplexed roll (I almost wrote - not the first freshness) - proactive. I diligently looked through the registers of physiognomies, read through thousands of questionnaires and without a twinge of conscience pestered people I liked. Irisha, exposing her defenseless youth and beauty to the public and armed with the double-edged forks of journalistic skepticism, dispersed the squads of fear-people, not quite fear-people, and not even fear-people at all. You ask, which is better?.. Alas, since the days of the humane creators of clubs "for those who are in favor" from "Moscow" a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Few cares about


demographic well-being of society is disinterested. Dating resources have long been monetized. In order to lead a full-fledged virtual life on the site, you need to either actively move yourself, or pay money. How? It's very simple: “send an SMS to the number, and your profile will go up …” You can put your physiognomy on a special tape-showcase-exhibition of hot offers for a small fee and thereby update your presence and attract a flurry of applicants. Of course, I am a girl without complexes, but this is somehow already quite … Otherwise, you will start to rapidly sink into the depths of a godly resource, and every day small numbers in the right corner of your profile tell you that you are in 15,234 place … 52,762 … 213 189 place … And soon no prince will be able to find you among the heaps of various hairs, full faces and names. I don’t know which is worse - paid positioning, oblivion or active harassment of Internet men. I chose the latter. Of course, this is not the most pleasant thing - when the macho in the hood answers your seven questions of the most sycophantic character with a boring "well, yes" or "anything can happen." And, of course, I was completely killed - so what, I wanted to burn alive from the virtual, and, nevertheless, quite real shame! - when, in response to my non-binding friendly message, some cheeky x … x … whip! - put me on the ignore list! “Artemy Bogorodets refused to communicate with you. Perhaps you have shown excessive activity or in some way offended the interlocutor. Try to communicate with other users, be polite and helpful. " Brrrrr … If not for the experiment, at this point I would have got off. And nevertheless, using my simple tactics, I gathered in my profile a whole company of pleasant and not even idiotic interlocutors. With one lovely young man, we discussed the methods of making tea with rum. On the other, snowboarding and volunteering in social institutions (he, like me, had a sister and a dachshund). And about the third, alas, I promised not to write a word … although it was by his grace that I sometimes sobbed laughing at the keyboard! I interviewed some of them in detail to find out what men say about this.

Andy (28):

Mario Kalsone (32):

And now and then me (or rather, our entire women's corporation) was entertained by guests who accidentally dropped in. A puny man who looks like an exemplary prisoner in a tracksuit, by profession “law”, who, according to his own confession, “has almost no hair on his head by nature”:

A married and harsh oriental man with such furious transliteration that the deciphering of each of his phrases brought us to laughing spasms. "Kak dabili pervi lubof tibe!" did not mean at all that my first love was brutally finished off, but the question, when was it, this first love, "da ligoski brasbeki" was interpreted as "on Ligovsky Prospekt", but the interrogative message "kak usbiha?" ". We just broke our heads about this mysterious Uzbek woman, until someone realized that it was just "how are you progressing?"

The second conclusion: the Internet, just like in life, is full of both normal and abnormal people. And it is the abnormal who decorate our lives

And Irina, meanwhile, went on dates.

“The first swallow was a pretty young man named Sergei. We went to the movies, then had coffee, discussed film addiction and travel. My counterpart gallantly took me home, showed no obscene inclinations and was even full of enthusiasm the next day. But … he didn't have magic bubbles. And here, as you know, nothing can be done. It won't work without bubbles. I had to move on. The second experimental acquaintance, after an interesting conversation in the same cafe (I’m curious who the waiters took me for), unexpectedly offered to go … to a pajama party with his friends. He was completely different from the maniac-cutter maidens in pajamas, the party was planned in a crowded shopping center, so I agreed. On the spot, I was given the necessary ammunition. It turned out that the main highlight of the pajama evening will be … curling. Honestly, I have never rubbed ice with a funny mop, being in a dressing gown and curlers! It was really fun. And all of the internet challenger's friends were extremely nice. Especially one of them, who offered to give me a lift home … "lll And my first personified Internet gentleman was a solid and reliable Vitaly G. interested and admired my rather vain person. It was a little embarrassing that Vitaly was three years younger than me, but, I reasoned, I shouldn't baptize children with him anyway - and went on a date to the Spanish restaurant Jamon and Mamon. Imagine my amazement when, instead of a tough guy, I saw an overweight man at the table, who looked at least forty-five! He was a very sweet and good-natured guy, but he was, damn it, not old, but superstar!

Capitals of Love Moscow has become a world leader in terms of the number of people who want to find sexual contacts on the Internet through dating sites. A study carried out by European experts showed that the Russian capital in this indicator burst into second place on the continent, only slightly behind Athens. Every month Muscovites find 25 strangers with whom they are not averse to developing relationships. Oddly enough, in third place were residents of the capital of Kuwait, where dating on the streets is not welcome, but on the Internet for flirting is a real expanse. Only then are Kiev and Rome on the list, while Paris (the "international capital of love") did not make it into the top ten. There they prefer other ways of acquaintance to the Internet.

No, he didn’t lie about his age - I was just convinced what miracles excess weight and excessive love for food can do to people. My dear Vitaly, like Gargantua, ate a huge steak with a mountain of potatoes, ate some garlic rolls, hammered jamon into his mamon, drank four buckets of beer and kept repeating: “Well, you’re not eating, she’s thin, it hurts your eyes!” Sincerely wishing Vitaly happiness with some good madchen, I put a good cross on him. The second applicant was a nervous extreme sports enthusiast with an amazingly attractive lip line named Ilya. In addition, he turned out to be a neighbor in the south-central ghetto, so we met literally under my windows, in a Czech pub. Alas, he was interested not so much in me as in my profession. Taking advantage of a pleasant acquaintance with me, he wanted to promote his sport to the masses, but in fact, he admitted, on a dating site he struggled exclusively out of boredom caused by a long and romantic halo with a girl. The third was the one about which I promised not to write a word. But still I will write. I really liked him. He liked it so much that I honestly told him that I was the author of Cosmo, preparing in this way a Cosmo experiment … As Mark Twain wrote, let’s lower the veil of pity over the inglorious end of this scene.

The third conclusion (mine): motivation is needed. If you really need someone, you will not be too lazy to write letters, meet dozens of strangers and search again. If not, you will feel like a person who came to the dentist just like that

Fourth conclusion (Irin): you choose an applicant based on an assessment of his physical, mental and material merits. You analyze the virtual marriage market; you go out on a date, preparing in advance to evaluate and pass a verdict. Perhaps, for people deprived of sentimentality and love of romance, this is the very thing. But for myself, I decided that I want to meet my love somehow suddenly. In your pocket on Akademicheskaya! Shl. And the most interesting thing happened after the experiment was over. Having collected the materials and prepared them for layout, I realized that we had not made a single photo of my personal profile on the monitor screen, and I, of course, deleted the profile itself. I had to get out and load a new profile literally under the gun's sight. My previous questionnaire was carefully and reverently framed. It contained beautiful pictures, clever thoughts, as well as honest, intelligent answers to clumsy questions about my perfection. I did the new version in a fit of impetuous and hysterical laughter, choosing from the proposed options idiotic. Age? 78 years old. Looking for a guy from … 61 to 80. My height? 145 cm. Weight? 90 kg. Hairstyle? Shaved head … I wrote that I love to drink. That belts and hairiness turn me on. I indicated in the column the profession "Moroccan prostitute" … And to top it off, I uploaded my portrait with a huge, sorry, watermelon-green foam ass (just don’t ask where I got it). It was a decisive and unconditional victory. In half an hour there was 38 messages. “I invite you for a night walk, I’ll ride around the city, at the same time I will epilation, it hurts.” “Hello, you are so charming and sweet! I am Anton, I am 29 years old … "" +25000! Are you always so creative? " “Hello, Stebny Banter! Take a Paraguayan pimp to the company! " And even "You are so beautiful !!!" No, resolutely, you can't take anything seriously! Daria Kokhreidze and Irina Nikolaeva

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