Divorce: can it be predicted using numerology?
Divorce: can it be predicted using numerology?

Divorce or keep a family? For starters: do you really want to pass such an important decision onto an outsider, be it a tarot reader, numerologist or someone else? But even if we exclude the ethical side of the issue, numerology, like any other practice, does not work that way. Numerologist Daria Molchanova tells how numerology can help if a family is bursting at the seams.

Divorce: can it be predicted using numerology?
Divorce: can it be predicted using numerology?
Daria Molchanova
Daria Molchanova

Daria Molchanova numerologist, coach

Let's first dispel the main myths about how numerology works in relationships.

Myth # 1. A numerologist can predict the exact date of divorce

Everything is clear here. Since a numerologist, it means that he can give an exact schedule of everything that will happen in life. And he will definitely cope with the date of the divorce. It is clear that you are waiting for specific solutions from the series:

  • what date will you get married;
  • what date he will cheat on you;
  • what date will you find out about it;
  • on this day you will get divorced.

In fact, numerology has nothing to do with fortune-telling and predictions. And if you start to give answers in this form, it will be negative programming. It is superimposed on the subcortex of the brain and will not let go, the person will unconsciously follow the indicated path. And with all the desire, the numerological map does not indicate a divorce, it can indicate points of friction. That is, for such moments that cause difficulties in the relationship of the couple.

For example, you have negative tendencies in relationships in your numerological chart. But this is only a probability. A person can realize his karmic tasks, and then the energy will be lost in a positive direction. To do this, you need:

  • work on yourself;
  • try to reveal your purpose;
  • work through your family trauma and scenarios.

If you act in the right direction, you can avoid a potential divorce.

Myth # 2. A numerologist can predict if a marriage will end in divorce

You come to a numerologist from a fortune teller and say: “I was warned that my husband and I are incompatible. Therefore, we swear, everything is bad with us, the relationship does not work out. Should we disperse?"

Numerology has a special service - checking the compatibility of partners, so people often have the thought: "Since there are compatible ones, that is, incompatible ones?"

But there are no completely incompatible pairs. Even if we know that the couple has points of friction, this is not a reason for divorce. And certainly not a reason to blame your partner for family problems. A compatibility check is needed to identify possible causes of crises and discrepancies. That is, the numerologist indicates the areas to which you need to pay attention. Of course, a numerologist will not say: "A husband should not throw out his socks, and a wife should cook borscht on demand." But often spouses really want the impossible from their partners.

For example, a husband is such a person who simply cannot do business: he does not have the talent and craving for this. If forced, it will only get worse, such an idea is doomed to failure in advance. But the spouse wants to change him. In this situation, you need to either come to terms with his essence, or really get a divorce. But if the spouses are ready to work on themselves, the numerologist can tell you how to smooth out the rough edges.

Myth # 3. A numerologist can predict if there will be divorces in your life

It directly depends on the person. A numerologist can only give a forecast, but the final decision lies with you. For example, you are preparing for a divorce for the third time. You easily build new relationships, but for some reason every marriage falls apart within 5-7 years. You have already met a new man and would like to understand the reasons for your failures. If you take into account the recommendations of a specialist and work on yourself, then you have a chance for a successful marriage.

If a person fails to create a long-term relationship, it is necessary to understand the reasons. To do this, you can use the prognosis of a predisposition to loneliness. Each of us is more or less inclined towards it. And the stronger this inclination, the more difficult it is for us to build long-term relationships. But you shouldn't take it as a sentence. Numerological map shows risk factors and their influence on a person's personality. If you work out the weak points, a person can break out of the vicious circle of divorce.

So who is a numerologist and how can he help in family life?

First, let's define: a numerologist does not predict anything. He makes predictions. What is the difference?

“On Friday at 15 o'clock you will walk down the street, slip and be late for work” - this is a prediction.

"You shouldn't make deals on Friday, it's better to pay attention to your family" - forecast.

We ourselves create our own destiny, and numerology provides tools on how to get the most out of our efforts. Numerological prognosis can really help in family life. If you want to dissolve the marriage, this is your decision. If you want to fight for your family, here is where a numerologist will help you. Numerology is a tool that allows you to understand in which direction you need to move in order to get out of the crisis.

Sometimes it is impossible to keep a family together. It happens that a couple has already crossed the point of no return. In this case, a numerological forecast is needed to work on oneself. He will help to draw conclusions, take into account mistakes, find a purpose. As a result of competent study, a person's personal qualities change.

Let's summarize. Numerology is not fortune telling, so you shouldn't wait for exact dates and predictions.

Numerology is forecasting. You get several options for the development of events, but only you are responsible for the final decision.

The numerological forecast itself does not solve the problem. You need to take into account the recommendations and work on yourself.

There are no incompatible pairs. There are those who do not want to work on themselves and relationships.

Often other problems are hidden behind a bad relationship, so you should not make a decision in the heat of the moment, you can order a numerological chart for a start.

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