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Material loss, injury or success: what do the squares on the palms mean?
Material loss, injury or success: what do the squares on the palms mean?

Squares in the palm of your hand is a rather contradictory sign: in some moments it protects us, but in others it limits and slows down. Values can be both positive in one area and negative in another.

Material loss, injury or success: what do the squares on the palms mean?
Material loss, injury or success: what do the squares on the palms mean?
Bella Tesla
Bella Tesla

Bella Tesla palmist

The square on the hill of Jupiter

Such a square indicates a born teacher, the talent to teach is in the blood of these people. Moreover, the most important advantage is that the bearers of the sign are able to explain complex things in a simple language. Such people, as a rule, are drawn for advice, they are able to listen and direct in the right direction. In terms of careers, people with a square on the hill of Jupiter have very clearly marked success in the field of education, as well as in everything related to organizational activities. Moreover, this may include completely different topics - from the organization of personnel and their work, to the organization of weddings and children's parties.

Square on the hill of Saturn

This sign protects a person from other danger signs present on the hand, as it were, softens or even neutralizes them. For example, a person has a sign of an accident, which means that it will be insignificant or will not cause serious injury to the person. Or, for example, a sign of deception in money is visible on the hand, when a person is tried to be deceived by scammers or even colleagues, and possibly relatives. The square on Saturn will help to reveal and prevent this deception in time.

Square on the hill of mercury

Protection from material losses - no one can financially deceive the owner of this sign. In addition, the square on the hill of Mercury protects a person from dangers on the water and poisoning, including any kind of poisons and chemicals. So with this indicator, you can not be afraid to drown or be poisoned.

Square on the hill of Mars

And this sign is very helpful to those who are in military service, it patronizes and protects such people. Also, a square on the hill of Mars protects a person in battles and during military and military operations. But this is not all the magic of this square, it is also a mirror that reflects back someone else's evil. That is, when envious people send negative wishes to the owner of the sign, they return to them themselves. The owners of this square have a well-developed defense reaction, they can always stand up for themselves.

Square on the line of the sun

Protects a person's credibility, especially if there are signs that someone will try to spoil him. Also, a square on the line of the Sun sends a person a good combination of circumstances, which will happen without the intervention of the person himself, but by the will of fate.

Sun line on hand
Sun line on hand

Square on the hill of the moon

It is a sign of the protection and patronage of all travelers. If you actively travel and have such a sign on your hand, you can conquer even the most dangerous and remote areas of our planet.

Square on the first phalanx of the ring finger

Celebration of people who are expected to achieve, success and glory in the field of art. This includes theater, cinema, music, visual arts, as well as other areas in the creative industry.

Square on the Mount of Venus

So we got to the negative value of the squares. Firstly, in no case should such people violate the law, for there is a high probability of ending up in places of deprivation of liberty. A square on Venus promises a person to get into a situation leading to a restrictive organization, more often it is either a prison or a hospital. However, you need to check other signs on the hand in order to understand in which direction to interpret this sign.

Square on the line of life

This sign continues the theme of hardship. It indicates a period of restrictions and a difficult time in a person's life, from which he cannot get out until the sign ends its action. During the operation of this sign, there may be situations associated with a hospital, army, prison or other situation that deprives a person of freedom.

Square on the line of fate

By calculating the age scale along the line, you can determine the period in which a person will face difficulties in his career. The period of career obstacles and restrictions, the inability to be realized. It can also be about participation in lawsuits or the influence of bad company on a person and, as a result, the emergence of addictions. It is better if the sign is on the left hand, then it "works" softer, worst of all, if the sign is on both hands, then the situation is inevitable and you should be on the lookout and prepare as much as possible in advance.

Square on the line of the head

In a good way, the sign protects a person from mental strain and head injuries. However, in a negative sense, it promises to get into a hopeless situation, which a person cannot influence in any way.

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