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Better without a vacation than on a plane: why are we afraid to fly and what to do about it
Better without a vacation than on a plane: why are we afraid to fly and what to do about it

Aerophobia is a cocktail of acrophobia (fear of heights), claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), fear of death and fear of losing control of the situation. And what to do with all this? Let's figure it out now.

Better without a vacation than on a plane: why are we afraid to fly and what to do about it
Better without a vacation than on a plane: why are we afraid to fly and what to do about it

In my head firmly stuck: "What if …?" But now you take a step up the ladder, a moment - and your fate is in the hands of a changeable fortune. Turbulence, decompression, emergency landing … Better not to continue this list. At these moments, the stomach shrinks into a lump with fear, and cold and sweaty hands begin to look for the equally sweaty hands of a neighbor on the chair. Convinced atheists, according to all the laws of the paradox, begin to believe in God and promise him to behave well: if only he could get through! In general, such fear can spoil you not only a long-awaited vacation, but also significantly complicate your life.

So what are the reasons for the fear of flying? And why can't we drown it out in ourselves?

Subconscious games

Every year, more and more new versions of ipad, ipod, iphone are released, and our brain - after 20 centuries - has not learned how to update. He still thinks that people are not birds and we are not given to fly: they say, since we do not have wings, we should not go up into the sky. Such a fear of flying is somewhere deep in our subconscious (on the next shelf with the one where the fear of snakes and spiders is).

Tip: 50 years ago, sending letters by e-mail seemed like a miracle too. Progress does not stand still, so we should not be surprised at the fact that we fly, but rejoice.

Fear of losing control of the situation

This reason, rather, is characteristic of the strong half of humanity. Many men are afraid to fly due to the fact that they do not fly the plane, which means that they do not control anything. In the event of emergency situations, they do not have to rely on themselves and their strength. Simply put, when you are driving a car, everything depends only on you. With the plane, everything is completely different: a technical malfunction, the pilot lost control … Nobody will need your help here. Unless they ask you not to be nervous and stay calm.

Advice: on the road, too, not everything depends on you. There is also ice, bad brakes and drunken drivers. And at the helm sits a professional who will certainly be able to cope with a freelance situation.


Are you afraid to unexpectedly see that very old woman with a scythe? Perhaps you have thanatophobia. This is what the uncontrollable fear of sudden death is called. In this case, it is the fear of a plane crash. The difference between thanatophobia and ordinary fear is that it arises regardless of whether there is a threat to life or not: a person is simply afraid of the unfamiliar. This fear arises for reasons beyond our control.

Tip: Thoughts about death spoil your life a lot. Enjoy the moment, and do not be afraid of what will happen someday later.


If in childhood you recited poetry while standing on a stool, climbed trees with the boys or jumped from a bungee, then you can be absolutely sure: aerophobia is not about you. Many people are afraid to fly because of the obsessive fear of heights that haunts them throughout their lives. You start to climb the ladder - your head will spin, and what can we say about a flight at a level of several thousand meters above the ground ?!

Advice: settle on a high floor or go to the attraction. Perhaps it will help you deal with your fear. Then you can fly without problems.


The plane, of course, is not an elevator, but the space is also enclosed. Therefore, if, going aboard, you experience suffocation and discomfort, you are overtaken by the fear of confined space. Claustrophobia arises from the fear of imprisonment: people with this phobia are usually not afraid of specific places, but rather of what might happen to them if they are in that place.

Tip: If you are claustrophobic, then you better see a psychologist. This fear probably prevents you from not only flying on an airplane, but also from taking the subway, using the elevator and being in small rooms.

Fear of terror

The terrorist attacks that have become more frequent lately now and then suggest the thought: "What if there was an explosion, arson?" And now in your head scary pictures from television reports have already flashed, which, as it were, tell you that it is safer to stay at home.

Advice: unfortunately, we are not immune anywhere from a terrorist attack. And, by the way, the airport is far from the most dangerous place in this sense. So don't think bad.

Strong feelings of affection and responsibility

Attachment to loved ones or, more importantly, responsibility for someone … At such times, you are especially vulnerable. You worry not so much about yourself as about the other person: “What if something happens? What will happen then? " As a result, you are afraid to fly.

Advice: it is commendable that you care about people you love, but guardianship should not be exaggerated. And even more so, your good feelings should not prevent you from living life to the fullest.

Fear of natural disasters

Do you know the situation when your whole life flies before your eyes, but your head can't turn off the picture in which the plane is pierced by lightning and it falls apart? The most offensive thing is that in this situation you are absolutely powerless. Unless, of course, you are not Perun - the god of thunder and lightning.

Tip: Weather services keep pilots informed of weather conditions in a timely manner, so the chances of your plane ending up in a hurricane are negligible. And you probably saw a scary picture in the film. Maybe you shouldn't watch disaster films for the coming sleep?

Fear of deteriorating health during the flight

You are afraid that during the flight you will suddenly feel unwell, and there will be no pills, no doctor or hospital nearby.

Advice: the flight, of course, can become a load on your body, but not so dangerous that it would seriously interfere. If you know about health problems or just want to play it safe, get tested before the flight and consult a doctor.

As strange as it may sound, the best remedy for aerophobia is flights. The more often you fly, the less you are afraid. And also, of course, a positive attitude. Think good, then the flight will go unnoticed!

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