What Men Really Think About 69 Position
What Men Really Think About 69 Position

They all love blowjob, but sometimes problems arise with cunnilingus. What about 69?

What Men Really Think About 69 Position
What Men Really Think About 69 Position

Roman Avdeev, 34:

“I strongly advise all men to take their women’s mouths off the penis and finally please her! Yes exactly. I don't like pose 69. I can not concentrate. I don’t know what I should do - enjoy or please. Therefore, I will just do well for her first, and she will do me well. Separately".

Andrey Pirogin, 27:

“Yes, I love this pose. Although from my youth I had a rather strange attitude to this type of sex. It seemed to me that a man does cunnilingus to a woman against his will, just for the sake of pleasure or as some kind of gratitude. And my wife helped me to take such a step: it was she who suggested that I try this pose. We were both interested in this experience. I would not like it - they forgot. But we got a taste of it very quickly! This is a super idea."

Evgeny Myagchenkov, 25:

“It seems to me that oral sex is generally quite an intimate topic. I can't imagine doing cunnilingus to a "random" girl. Therefore, when a woman appears in my life, in whom I will see my wife, I will definitely give her such pleasure, and we will even do it mutually. But at the moment I can only offer to please me. By the way, some girls really like it, and they do not require mutual affection from me."

Anatoly Churikov, 21:

"Yes, I like it! My only problem is tall. But even from this situation, my girlfriend and I found a way out - we do it not from above, but from the side. It is very comfortable, beautiful, pleasant. She likes it unimaginably, but for me this is the best manifestation of love and trust."

Victor Safyanov, 36:

“Personally, I am totally against it. The very idea of cunnilingus is something impossible for me. No, I've never done that, so any jokes about 69 pose seem odd to me. Although many of my friends claim that this has its own charm. I don't believe them."

Mikhail Sviridov, 45:

“If a woman is absolutely healthy, attractive and really wants this, I am always for. I love blowjob and will never refuse to give oral pleasure to a woman who I like. But with all due respect to a woman, if she has a completely unsightly butt, I can't. This is beyond my strength."

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