Total recall: 5 ways to improve memory after coronavirus
Total recall: 5 ways to improve memory after coronavirus

One of the known consequences of the coronavirus is memory problems. But even without it, it is clear that memory needs to be trained. And how do you do it?

Total recall: 5 ways to improve memory after coronavirus
Total recall: 5 ways to improve memory after coronavirus

Remember before you seek

These days, it's easier to run a search engine and ask him what you forgot. Unlearn! This state is called digital amnesia: you forget information because you can always find it on the Internet. Many people cannot even call their loved ones without a phone book, because they do not remember the number by heart.

But learning and memorization are important for brain development. If you rely on gadgets and the Internet, some lobes of your brain will not be used and will begin to work worse over time.

Next time, try to remember the actor's name or girlfriend's number yourself first. They are probably imprinted in the memory, you just need to get to them! And the more often you do this, the better your brain will work.


During sleep, memory puts new knowledge on the shelves so that you do not forget anything important. If you do not have enough sleep at night or have insomnia, try to find time and lie down during the day.

Go in for sports

It improves blood flow and brain function. Even a short half-hour workout on a bicycle improves memory - compared to those who spent those half an hour on the couch. And, of course, after the coronavirus, it is very useful to play sports in order to bounce back faster.

Stop doing a lot of things at once

It seems to be very effective, but the brain is not really designed to do several things at once. Trying to remember everything, you start making mistakes, and as a result, the meaning of multitasking disappears completely.

And if in the middle of this process the phone rings, then your short-term memory can let you down: you will forget what you talked about on the phone or thought about before answering.

Eat right

To improve the state of memory, experts recommend eating berries - they are full of antioxidants that cleanse the body of harmful substances. It is very important to eat when you want, and not let your body go hungry. Otherwise, the consequences will be reflected in the memory as well.

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