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Thirty dates over the weekend: a daring experiment with unexpected results
Thirty dates over the weekend: a daring experiment with unexpected results

How many dates can you go on in one day? One, two, well, three … One American went to thirty in three days! Yes Yes. Was that the point? Let her tell it herself.

Thirty dates over the weekend: a daring experiment with unexpected results
Thirty dates over the weekend: a daring experiment with unexpected results

1. "How is this even possible ?!" - asked a friend when I said that I would not meet with her on the weekend because of 30 dates. It really sounded unreal. But I’m 32, I’m free and full of energy, and I live in a big city … In general, I downloaded several dating applications and began to recklessly leave my phone number. I took the initiative and immediately offered to meet at a specific time and day. Aggressively? Perhaps. Worth it? Undoubtedly.

As a result, I drew up a plate with photographs and phone numbers of men so that my friends would know where to look for me. Yes, and it was convenient for me myself, so as not to confuse anyone. I changed the names so as not to hurt their fragile egos. So…

Day one, friday

1. Midnight - Bob

He is one of the few people I knew before: he lives in another country and we have already met once. Well, it didn't work out.

2.8:30 - Mason

My first date is breakfast - recommend! No alcohol, but three cups of coffee and a full assortment of egg dishes. A very interesting guy, you can meet again.

3.14:30 - Tim

This guy was pretty weird. He looked me up and down, making sure I was as sexy as in the photo. Then he took off his dark glasses, and I saw the look of a man who is much more than the declared 29 years old. An hour later, I left on a plausible pretext - not my type.

4.17:30 - Yen

Called me before the date, well done! But his views were not at all the same as mine. So we parted … and I saw him returning to the bar for the next date. Heck!

5. 18:30 - Max

It turned out we had already met seven years ago. Ordered for beer and the same hot (he said he doesn't like to share food). I don’t remember why it didn’t work out that time, but you can meet again.

6. 19:45 - Dan

He came 10 minutes earlier, I came 15 minutes later, so he started drinking without me. He behaved strangely and offered to split the bill in half, although I drank much less.

7.21:00 - Isaac

He began by reading my horoscope. Then he asked what my book was about. I replied that it was about former men. He said that this is the first time he sees a girl willing to talk about it. I said that maybe we have nothing more to talk about, and he replied that this is typical for Gemini.

8.2pm - Evan

Refused half an hour before the meeting. Thank you next.

9.23:00 - Greg

He was sweet and understanding. I don't remember anything else, because I was terribly tired and wanted to go home.

Day two - Saturday

10.9:00 - Brian

He bought me coffee, and we went for a walk in the bright morning sun. I asked how he got into the wine business … and got a 40 minute lecture! He invited me to tell about myself on a second date. But no.

11.10:00 - Bill

He found me on social networks, which is not very pleasant, but I agreed to meet. He spoke of himself in the third person, explaining that he was left-handed. Nice guy, but not for me.

12.12:00 - Allen

We met twice a couple of years ago. He works as a coach, and I was pleased to see that he has grown and matured. He said that he decided to get a higher education, offered to meet again.

13.13:30 - Stephen

I found out that my girlfriend was dating him. The world is small!

14. 14:30 - Sal

We have already met, but I decided that it was better to be friends with him. We discussed the series in the chat, and I suggested trying again. Did not work out.

15.15:30 - Daniel

Had a good time, but not my type.

16.16:30 - Chad

Was late for a few minutes. We met at a chocolate boutique, tasted sweets and went to a nearby park. There I found out that he was not yet divorced, and refused to date again.

17.17:30 - Oscar

Fortunately, he canceled the meeting. And I just need a break!

18.20:00 - Ken

He was quite cute, but something didn't go well. He offered to meet again, I told him about this project, he was upset and asked not to include him in the list of subjects. Sorry Ken, I can't.

19.22:00 - Aaron

I offered to go to a dance, I realized that I had no strength, so we spent the meeting in a chat.

Day three - Sunday

20.8:00 - Cam

We went to school together. He asked me to name my favorite films and only talked about cinema.

21.9:30 - Brian

This is a friend of mine who suggested we go to the farmers' market and meet a guy there. He was nothing, but I saw 143 unread messages on his phone and changed my mind.

22.11:00 - Will

This is a friend from social networks and my neighbor. So it was convenient to meet - close. Not a bad option, but not for me.

23.12:30 - Andrew

Canceled a date, giving me time to shower.

24.13:30 - Dave

He defeated cancer, speaks nine languages, is very nice and he likes me. On Monday he offered to meet again, but it didn't work out. More on this later.

25.16:30 - Mike

An interesting conversationalist on the Internet, but too melancholic in life. Maybe he's got his 25th date over the weekend too?

26.17:30 - Johnny

First round of drinks. I don't really like him. But, perhaps, more than all the previous options …

27. 18:30 - Johnny

Second circle. Strange: he doesn't like The Simpsons, but watches Futurama. It's like loving pizza and hating Italy!

28.19:30 - Johnny

I am so pleased to be in his company that I am telling you about the experiment. He understands everything and offers to continue acquaintance. Canceling the rest of the dates.

29.20:30 - Johnny

Walked me home. Now I will change …

30.22:00 - Johnny

Can't let him go! We kiss and sing our favorite songs. The notorious butterflies appeared in the stomach … Will we meet again?

The experiment was worth every coffee and every conversation. And yes, we still met!"

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