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How to lose weight by dates and cycles of the lunar calendar: an astrologer tells
How to lose weight by dates and cycles of the lunar calendar: an astrologer tells

Did you know that with the help of astrology you can significantly enhance the effect of losing weight, speed up the process and facilitate the path to an ideal figure? How to do it? Astrologer Elena Egorova reports.

How to lose weight by dates and cycles of the lunar calendar: an astrologer tells
How to lose weight by dates and cycles of the lunar calendar: an astrologer tells
Elena Egorova
Elena Egorova

Elena Egorova astrologer, expert in the field of Chinese metaphysics

It is very important when exactly you decide to launch good habits into your life, for example, such as giving up unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy and energy-intensive ones. The right date for starting the diet is half the battle!

Thanks to a specially calculated day, it is easier for a person to follow the rules of proper nutrition and does not want to consume harmful foods. For a successful start to the diet, you should pay attention to the phases of the lunar cycles. The moon has a huge impact on the human body at the psychological and physiological levels, and we cannot underestimate its impact on us. It is important to start a diet on a waning moonwhen metabolic processes in the body slow down and appetite decreases. This will help you to easily get involved in the process of cutting and changing the diet. But! You should not start training in the gym at the same time as your diet. Let the body get used to it and enter a new regime, and only after two weeks, on the growing moon, start playing sports. Or start with physical activity on the waxing moon on a good day and after a while on the waning moon on a good day go on a diet. This will help you to enter a new regime of life painlessly and very effectively and get excellent results in the form of excellent physical shape, health and well-being.

Favorable dates for starting a diet and starting physical activity in September:

  • the best days to start playing sports are September 10 and 18;
  • The best days to start your diet are September 23rd and 30th.

Also, the effect of changing your appearance more globally is influenced not only by the day, but also by the period of time in which you plan to lose weight. So, for example, in one period you can lose only a couple of kg, and in another all 20. What does it depend on?

In many ways, the result of your efforts will be influenced by your will. Without a strong-willed decision and patience, you cannot succeed in this process. But not everyone is naturally endowed with this quality, and here time comes to the rescue. And that same will can come to you with the energy of time, for example, in certain years and months. And it is during such a period that a person can be radically transformed.

How to understand when that very period will come?


To do this, you need to know your Chinese zodiac sign. And this is not the animal in which you were born. We will be interested in your birthday. By birthday, we will be able to pinpoint the periods when getting in shape will be as easy as shelling pears.

To find out your birth sign according to the Chinese horoscope, you need to enter your birth data into any free online bazi calculator (the name of the Chinese astrological system) and find the upper hieroglyph of the birthday in the resulting table. Fix what element it is expressed by: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal or Earth. He will be your Chinese zodiac sign.

  • If your sign is Fire, then the ideal period for you to achieve your ideal shape and get a super result will be the years of the Pig and the Rat and the years ending in 2 and 3, the months of November and December.
  • If your sign is a Tree, then it is most effective to start losing weight in the years of the Monkey, Rooster and the years ending in 0 and 1, the months of August and September.
  • If your sign is Water, then start your diet in the Dragon or Dog years and in the years ending in 8, as well as in the months of April and October.
  • If your sign is Metal, then not all "metals" have problems with being overweight, but there are exceptions. And the Snake and Horse years are best for you, as well as the years ending in 6 and 7, and the months of May and June.
  • And if you belong to the sign of the Earth, then for you, perhaps, this topic is quite relevant, since it is most difficult for the representatives of the sign of the Earth to lose those extra pounds. After all, the Earth loves to accumulate everything. Of course, we are not talking about everyone, each is unique in its own way, we are talking about a strong Earth in the map. The easiest way to get down to business and the body will be in the years of the Tiger (2022 is just around the corner), the Rabbit and the years ending in 4 and 5, as well as in the months of February and March.

It is not necessary to wait for a special year, especially if it is not yet soon, use the listed months for your sign, this will give a huge advantage and greatly facilitate the process of forming good habits, your ideal body and good health. Use these tips and walk with ease into a new slim and healthy life. It is enough to make a little effort and take advantage of astrological clues, making your journey enjoyable and rewarding.

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