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How to deal with a headache in 2 minutes: a weird way that helps
How to deal with a headache in 2 minutes: a weird way that helps

Each of us faced a headache. This condition is painful - it interferes with working productively, communicating, doing ordinary things and just living a fulfilling life. Is there a way to deal with a headache quickly? Experience shows that this is quite possible.

How to deal with a headache in 2 minutes: a weird way that helps
How to deal with a headache in 2 minutes: a weird way that helps

The headache can be so severe that a person has no strength left for anything. When it comes to migraines, specialists prescribe strong pain relievers, and patients take a number of measures to wait out the attack and, if possible, reduce the level of discomfort.

The most common headache is tension headache. This is the primary headache: its occurrence is not associated with any other medical conditions. The pain can be localized in different areas of the head: someone is tormented by a headache in the forehead, someone is more likely to experience a temporal lobe headache or pain in the back of the head.

Headache is not considered a serious illness in society, and even if it really causes serious discomfort, people try not to take sick leave and try to work fully.

Everyone chooses their own strategy for dealing with a headache: someone waits and suffers, someone turns to folk remedies, someone immediately takes pain relievers.

Remove in 2 minutes

Business consultant Kamil K. Wawrzyszko suggested an unusual way to deal with headaches. The video, in which he explains the essence of his method, has been viewed more than 5 million times, and users have left more than 30 thousand comments under it.

What does Vaurizhko offer? His strategy to relieve headaches in 2 minutes involves focusing on the sensation of pain. He invites everyone to get rid of discomfort, just listen to him and answer questions about headaches. However, you can do this without the help of a video, simply by asking yourself questions.

So ask yourself and answer honestly:

  • Where is your pain?
  • What color is the pain?
  • What form is the pain?

Repeat these questions several times until you realize that you do not know where your pain is and what it looks like - in most cases it really disappears in a couple of minutes.

Does it really work?

In the comments - a mountain of reviews on the method of getting rid of head pain from Kamil. Many argue that their pain from large and black gradually became small, changing color to lighter and then invisible. There are also those whom the method has cured of really serious migraine pain, accompanied by vomiting and other unpleasant phenomena.

“Oh my God, all these years of pain, long hours of horror, but you just had to watch a single video? It really worked and helped!"

“After two rounds of questions, I couldn't figure out where my headache was. I use this video for the third or fourth time, every time successfully. Thanks bro!"

“I don’t know how, but it works great. I come back to this method again and again."

However, there are those who claim that the method works, but soon the pain returns.

Why does it help?

It is completely unclear how this works from a medical point of view, but this method really helped many to cope with headaches quickly. There are suggestions that this approach is a kind of meditation, immersion in which allows you to cope with the strongest pain sensations.

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