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Good news for coffee lovers: why an invigorating drink is good for you
Good news for coffee lovers: why an invigorating drink is good for you

What do you prefer - tea or coffee?

Good news for coffee lovers: why an invigorating drink is good for you
Good news for coffee lovers: why an invigorating drink is good for you

Love to start your day with a cup of coffee? An excellent habit that not only invigorates and sets you up for an active morning, but also supports your health. Do you prefer tea? Not bad either, but see how many good things can happen to your health if you drink a couple of cups of coffee a day!

Reduce the risk of getting cancer

You've certainly heard a lot about beneficial antioxidants that can help reduce the damage done by free radicals. Antioxidants not only protect our cells from premature aging, but also help them fight damage, including protecting against cancer. Do you know from which food we get the most antioxidants? Surprise! From coffee. And this is not a joke: firstly, in the drink itself (of course, we are talking only about natural coffee, no instant powder!), The content of antioxidants is really high, and, secondly, we drink coffee more often than we eat, for example, berries … However, a few cups of coffee a day significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, dementia, liver cirrhosis, and some cancers. So drink coffee to your health!

Your mood will improve

A lack of caffeine has a negative effect on the brain and can lead not only to a decrease in concentration and memory impairment, but also to a deterioration in mood. A 2013 study by the Harvard School of Public Health confirmed that regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of depression (and relieve symptoms if it does occur), as well as a 45% reduction in the risk of suicide. Caffeine not only stimulates the brain, but also improves mood and literally saves lives.

You will get better at work

The study, which was published several years ago in Nature Neuroscience, confirmed that within 24 hours after the introduction of caffeine, patients improved their ability to retain new information in their memory and increased their concentration. A cup of coffee significantly improves performance - this effect is due to the suppression of adenosine, which causes drowsiness. Under the influence of caffeine, the blood vessels of the brain are narrowed, and blood circulation accelerates - and now you are already cheerful and ready to do great things.

Your health will become stronger

In addition to caffeine, natural coffee is rich in many other beneficial compounds. For example, the molecules of cafeestol in a flavored drink may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The fact is that cafeestol accelerates the production of insulin in the pancreas and increases the absorption of glucose in muscle tissue - this is the principle used in the development of drugs for diabetics. In addition, scientists have shown that the use of caffeine serves as the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, performing a kind of cleansing function in the vessels of the brain. Don't deprive yourself of the healthy pleasure of a cup of coffee!

You will become more resilient

Caffeine not only improves our mental performance, but also improves physical endurance. Scientists have even developed a formula for the ideal dose of caffeine: 2.5 cups of regular medium-strength coffee is enough for a person weighing about 60 kg. If you have some serious physical activity or just want to achieve great results in the gym, do not forget about coffee.

Your figure will get better

Even if you do nothing else to lose weight, a few cups of coffee a day is enough to lose a kilogram or two of excess weight. First, coffee starts our metabolism, forcing the body to more actively convert fat into energy, which is why it is worth finishing your hearty breakfast with a cup of coffee. And secondly, coffee itself is a natural fat burner - and helps you burn excess fat, even if you are just sitting at your computer and reading this article.

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