Eat served: 6 most conflict situations in a restaurant and how to get out of them
Eat served: 6 most conflict situations in a restaurant and how to get out of them

Oh, this awkward moment when you were offended, and you remained silent. Unfortunately, we know very little about our rights. Broke a glass - pay, wanted to go to a restaurant in jeans - sorry, we have a dress code. And you seem to be trying to laugh at the situation, but deep down you feel humiliated. We will tell you how not to get into a mess and fight back when a disputable situation arises.

Eat served: 6 most conflict situations in a restaurant and how to get out of them
Eat served: 6 most conflict situations in a restaurant and how to get out of them

They didn't let you in, citing the "dress code"

The era when it was necessary to put on all the best in a restaurant at once has long been in the past, and in Moscow it is almost impossible to find a catering establishment where they will demand a floor-length dress from you, although incidents sometimes happen. But if the boorish guard did not like your companion's shorts and, under this pretext, refuses to let you inside, it is illegal. A restaurant in this case is a catering service provider. The contract for the provision of these services is public, and, according to Article 426 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the restaurant has a very limited list of reasons for refusing to serve a client. In this case, we are talking about the lack of free seats, water or electricity, and not about the lack of branded clothing.

Drunken and violent visitors are not allowed in, in other cases you have the right to demand satisfaction.

You were unpleasantly surprised by the prices

No, you are not in a position to influence prices, but you can completely avoid the situation when, having sat down at a table, you find that the cost of the dish is equal to your monthly budget. Retreating in such cases is always a little awkward. If you have not had time to study the online restaurant menu, you can do it right at the entrance, without having taken a seat at the table yet. You are required to be provided with a menu instantly and on demand.

Your phone was stolen from your wardrobe

As a rule, the clothes in the cafe should hang in the line of sight of the client. And if you didn’t look and the phone or wallet was “taken away” from the hall, then the administration of the establishment has nothing to do with the theft and is not responsible.

It is another matter if you handed over a thing to the wardrobe, and forgot, for example, a bank card in your pocket. Everything is more complicated here. “The administration of the establishment is not responsible for things and valuables left in the wardrobe,” the sign reminds you. BUT one tablet does not in any way supersede the civil code. On many sites you will find a recommendation to appeal to the Consumer Plan Protection Act, but it does not regulate gratuitous deals. Therefore, follow Ch. 47 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation "Storage".

You have to invite the administrator of the establishment and call the police. The administrator will most likely begin to deny and refer to the warning above the dressing room. According to article 901 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, "the keeper is responsible for the loss, shortage or damage of things accepted for storage." Write a letter of claim addressed to the head of the organization: describe the situation and demand reimbursement of the cost of the stolen goods. Also specify the time frame in which you would like to receive a refund. Further, if there is no reaction, you can go to court.

They brought you a low-quality dish

The concept of "poor quality" is stretched in time and space. It can mean either slightly salted soup or rotten salmon. And if it's stupid and costly to start up for a slightly salted soup, then if the dish was frankly spoiled, you have the right to get angry and demand replacement or compensation.

If they brought you something different from what you ordered, you can refuse to pay for the dish and ask to bring the order.

They make you pay for a broken glass

Let's make a reservation that this will not happen in a normal establishment and no one will force you to pay for an accidentally broken cup. But there are different cases - I ran in for a quick lunch, made a small pogrom - and then the angry administrator jumps up with the score. Do I have to pay? In accordance with article 210 of the Civil Code, only the owner is responsible for his property - since he really needs you to compensate for the damage, let him call the authorized bodies, because he cannot independently force you to return the cost of the broken dishes to him.

You are asked to leave

The situation when you come to a cafe, order coffee and sit for an hour or two is completely normal. You can sit in a restaurant even until closing time: since you made an order, you have become customers of this institution, entered into legal relations. You have become a consumer, and a restaurant has become a service provider, and they cannot refuse to provide you with services. So relax and sit.

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