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Vogel: "I'm not one of those artists who are ready to hype on the topic of self-isolation"
Vogel: "I'm not one of those artists who are ready to hype on the topic of self-isolation"

"Bitch", "Bullet", "Jealous" - it seems that almost all the tracks from the debut semi-album of 18-year-old Vogel "Lubol, Pt. 1 "have already become hits. A fresh single "Boy" is on its way, and on the horizon is the second portion of stories, from the first lines that are understandable to the peers of a singer from Novorossiysk living in Moscow. We discussed with Vogel all relevant topics: from the artist's isolation menu to the reason why Stas Mikhailov is not yet ready to join the fan club of a rising star.

Vogel: "I'm not one of those artists who are ready to hype on the topic of self-isolation"
Vogel: "I'm not one of those artists who are ready to hype on the topic of self-isolation"

Where and how do you isolate yourself?

In Moscow. Everything is fine: we are working, writing new songs.

At home or in the studio?

In the studio: I take a pass and go to record.

The other day on Instagram you posted a "story" that you cook pasta for the first time in quarantine. Did it turn out tasty?

It turned out fine. Let's just say: my digestive system was glad that it finally got not fast food, but homemade food.



What are your thoughts on this strange period? Is there any inspiration? Or, on the contrary, is it difficult to write new songs?

There is definitely no inspiration to write songs about quarantine. I'm not one of those artists who are ready to hype on this topic. At the same time, I am glad that due to the transfer of concerts, it became possible to create new material. There is a lot of time now, so we try to make the most of it.

Have you already tried playing online instead of canceled concerts?

The concerts were not exactly canceled: they were simply postponed indefinitely. I will perform everywhere, just a little later.

And so I have already played two online concerts. Everything went well, although it was unusual. When you perform on stage, you have a whole hall in front of you, which is charged from you, and you - from it. You have synergy and a huge boom. And when you just stand in front of the camera, there is some kind of shyness. Live concerts with lively emotions are much more enjoyable.

Probably, during concerts on Instagram, running comments are also distracting?

At times like this, I try not to read the comments. I played these two concerts not on Instagram, but on other services: there was technically no way to read comments.

Even before everyone was forced to play online, I loved going on air at least once a month, playing the piano and singing live. I didn't have time to read anything, but it's nice to see that the guys are sending hearts and emoticons. This is a replacement for emotions from a live concert.



In general, an artist should read the comments on his posts?

In this regard, I am not a teacher, so I cannot talk about other artists. For myself, I still cannot fully understand. On the one hand, it is necessary: you can understand how the audience for which you do all this reacts, evaluate what they liked and what they didn’t. You need to do this kind of analytics in order to grow.

But at the same time, I agree with another artist who was asked the same question in an interview. He said: "No, because because of the positive comments, the crown grows on the head, and because of the negative comments, self-esteem falls." Negative comments really take energy away. No matter how much you want not to react to them, they still leave a residue. You write new songs, and then suddenly there is some kind of uncertainty. But so far I am reading what they write to me.

Speaking of the crown on the head. Was there a moment when you realized that you are popular?

I've always wondered how popularity is measured. In the number of subscribers? There are artists who have more followers than me. In the number of people at the concerts? There are also more successful ones here. If we talk about such things, then I’m probably not that popular yet. Yes, and the inner feeling that I am a superstar, I do not have either. But I understand that I have my own audience.

How did your audience perceive the song with the rather controversial title "Bitch"? Did the girls swear?

Stas Mikhailov in the program #Musicity said that this is a very rude statement. But I in no way wanted to offend anyone. Not all girls are bitches! There are not so many bitches, but they are. With my track, I wanted to say that you don't need to behave like that. It pisses me off.



It turns out that Stas Mikhailov is not your audience. Have any of the other stars already signed up as fans?

Maybe someone said something, but I don't really communicate with popular people, so it's difficult to answer here.

During the isolation, fans began to write, what do your parents and grandparents share with your work?

It happens. A woman of about 45 recently wrote to me: she said that she constantly listens to my songs and that she likes that I do not use foul language. In general, mothers write thanks. This is unexpected and pleasant.

Tell us about your new song "Boy". Can it be considered the first sign from the future album?

I would not call her “the first swallow from the future album”. The story is like this. Even before I started making music, I had an idea for a song like this. I have always had many acquaintances girls, girlfriends. It has been this way since childhood: I talked with girls the same way I did with boys. And they told a lot of stories about how often guys did bad things to them. And I myself used to not act very nicely in relation to my ex-girlfriends. After all these stories, I realized that the topic is interesting and relevant.

Max Korzh has the song "Moth", but for some reason it is only for boys. And I decided to write a track just for girls. Although I will be glad if the guys like it too.

Do you reply to fans' private messages?

If possible, exclude the word "fans"? I'm not a football player to have fans. Better to be fans, connoisseurs, listeners.

I rarely answer, but if I do react, then only to some important points. Recently, the girl wrote that all her friends had thrown her and that she was very lonely. And I just decided to give some advice on how I myself acted in such situations. To this I answer, but less often than before. It's not about the "crown" or something like that. You just can't answer everyone and you need to prioritize: either make music, or correspond with subscribers. In general, it's so cool that you can make a random person nice with one message. He "hello" to you, and you "hello" to him. Only six letters, and the person is already happy. Cool.



The fans will also be happy when the second part of your "Love" comes out. Already picked a release date?

In general, initially I did not want to divide the disc into two parts, but for the debut album it turned out to have too many tracks. I didn't want to share due to the fact that this album is an integral story: from the beginning of a relationship to their end. In the end, we shared. The second was supposed to come out now, but I decided to change the plan a little. In the summer I will release a small collection of tracks that are no longer about love, but simply on themes close to my peers. And already in the fall or winter the second part of Lyuboli will be released.

That is, in the cold season, you will sing about pain and a break in relationships?

Not certainly in that way. "Lubol, Pt. 1 "- a story from the beginning to the end of the relationship, but without details. And in the second part there will be just all the details to make the picture even brighter and wider.

Any idea to turn this story into a movie or TV series?

Who knows, anything is possible.

Already decided what will be the first thing to do after the isolation regime is canceled?

I’ll go for a walk around the city. Summer Moscow is absolutely beautiful. Maybe I would have gone to my place in Novorossiysk, talked to everyone. In general, most of all I want to breathe air. I would take a little walk and return to work.

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