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Why does a man lie and what to do about it
Why does a man lie and what to do about it

Everybody lies. Even Dr. House. Dr. House - especially because he's a man. Yes, men lie to us all the time, and nothing can be done about it. But you can figure out why they do it, in what situations they do it and how to react to it in general. Understand - and stop worrying about it.

Why does a man lie and what to do about it
Why does a man lie and what to do about it

Yes, we had nothing with her, we have been friends for a hundred years

But you know very well that he met her.

Why is he lying: because you can really be friends with the former, oddly enough. And value and cherish this friendship - after all, who knows a person better than a former passion? But he has no idea how you will react to the fact that a maiden comes to your house, who knows perfectly well how he looks without pants.

What to do about it: it is best to make friends with this very young lady, with whom he supposedly had nothing. So, first of all, you will find out what was there; secondly, you will get rid of the pangs of jealousy; and thirdly, you will show him that he lied, in fact, in vain. After all, you are all adult civilized people.

Imagine, there was no bread in any store! Horror, isn't it?

There was no bread in any store? Pfff.

Why is he lying: because he's gouging. That's why you love him, right? He is embarrassed to admit that he simply forgot about your request, so he is lying. That's funny.

What to do about it: never ask him to walk the dog in your absence, take the child to the doctor and urgently pay utility bills. In general, what can you do with it? Do not kill.

I don’t know, you know better, dear! You're so smart

And this is after you asked him for help or at least advice.

Why is he lying: because he is an irresponsible bummer, a parasite and a backbone. In essence, he shifts the solution to the problem onto you. And it doesn't matter whose problem it is - just yours or yours.

What to do about it: drive in the neck. Because today he dodges responsibility, and tomorrow he will lie on the sofa and demand that you support and serve him until he, an unrecognized genius, finds a job that deserves him.

I am fine

And after a couple of weeks, you find out that his salary was cut, he crashed his car, or his mother got sick.

Why is he lying: because he has macho syndrome. He wants to be a strong man who grabs fate by the mane and turns in the right direction. And when fate puts a hoofprint on his lower back, he feels inferior.

What to do about it: do not arrange for him to be interrogated with partiality - this is the same as driving out into the cold a patient with pneumonia, so that he "hardens". Wait, he will tell everything himself, he will just give out the truth in small portions.

Hello, Petrovich? Are you there already ?! Can't buy a lousy factory without me? Parasites

And then he guiltily hides his iPhone in his pocket and invites you to split the bill in half.

Why is he lying: because he wants to breed you for one-time sex in a third-rate motel and disappear.

What to do about it: order yourself some red wine and pour it on his pants.

And when we get old, I'll buy you a rocking chair and bring you tea with lemon balm

You've been dating for two weeks! Two weeks, Clara!

Why is he lying: because he is a professional heartthrob, a womanizer and, of course, a committed bachelor.

What to do about it: enjoy. He knows how to look after beautifully, and for sure sex is also his strong point. But don't let the universe fall in love with this comrade: remember that in a month he will turn into a pumpkin. I mean, it will disappear forever. In search of other grateful female ears.

I love you too

Fortunately or unfortunately, we have intuition. And we know for sure that he is lying. Alas.

Why does he do it: because you've already confessed to him, it's somehow awkward not to reciprocate. And also because if he hadn't lied, the relationship would have ended, right? Right at the same moment.

What to do about it: oddly enough, but there are options. Perhaps he is lying not because he simply uses you while it is convenient for him, but because, for a number of reasons, he is not yet ready to confess to you, and to himself, too. In this case, you can ignore the lie. On the other hand, he can easily "love" someone else … and lie to her too. In general, this lie requires serious investigation - if, of course, you are wondering why he lied.

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