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5 of your flaws that a man in love will never notice
5 of your flaws that a man in love will never notice

"Oh, what a horror, what will happen when he sees that my stomach is not as flat as in tights ?!" - such a question is asked by women, at least somewhat dissatisfied with their appearance. Men are surprised: what is she talking about?

5 of your flaws that a man in love will never notice
5 of your flaws that a man in love will never notice

Your hips / waist / bust / foot size

Firstly, if a man stayed with you for the night, tried to achieve you, then, most likely, he managed to notice how you look and appreciate all the charms of your body (we note along the way that sometimes imaginary flaws still become charms). Secondly, not everyone loves "skin and bones", many prefer women "in the body." Third, if you excite a man before he strips you, his passion is unlikely to fade when he counts calories: he thinks in other categories.

Not a "ceremonial" view

The most common female delusion is that he won't like me. Yesterday you were as beautiful as the Queen of Great Britain at the reception of the ambassador, and today you went out to take out the trash and met him. Remember: men do not see all these little things, they perceive the image as a whole, and if the program of desire to conquer you has already been launched, you can not run as fast as you can to hide in the closet if you didn’t meet him “in full dress”. It will only turn him on if he finds out how different you are. As for an intimate haircut: show me a man who checks for it before proceeding.

Whims and helplessness

And these men, on the contrary, love. The myth that it annoys them is just a myth. Because, first of all, it is important for them to feel like males and conquerors. Let him take good care of you, and sometimes you can even play along. I know a girl who has great success with men, while she is a successful employee and is used to doing everything on her own. However, every time, starting a relationship with a man, the first thing she asked him to come for her, feed her and cope with her headache. Having passed this test, the man was recognized as a man and - felt like a winner. Remark for women: men are helpless as long as they have no one to fight for.

Non-sexy lingerie

Everyone remembers an excerpt from Bridget Jones, when she put on her grandmother's brushed panties to a party, not thinking that after the party there would be the first night with the man of her dreams. The most interesting thing is that this law of meanness always works: as soon as we are least ready for something, this happens. Therefore, the main thing here is not to run away and not be shy, but to laugh along with the object of passion. In addition, let me remind you once again that he does not care what is about you when he dreams of seeing you without everything.

Inexperience in sex

According to the man, this is a virtue. Because in this case he will feel like the main character of your life. Some, of course, like experienced girls, but be sure that if you honestly say that you don’t know how to do something, he will happily teach you everything and learn new things with you. Men are even less fond of knowing about your ex than you are: what if he was better? Let him understand that it has never been the same with him!

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