"Second-class people": how to live in the fourth ten
"Second-class people": how to live in the fourth ten

Half of our lives, or even more, we spend fighting against the natural process - aging. The war on wrinkles, obesity and other age-related changes seems to be infinitely important, but the saddest thing is that it has been lost.

"Second-class people": how to live in the fourth ten
"Second-class people": how to live in the fourth ten

Until recently, I did not consider it necessary to write seriously about the age-old women's war against aging. And not because this is such a complex topic, on the contrary, it seemed to me to be researched and chewed up and down. The best (and most offensive) definition of this process that I have come across is the rat race. This is what an attempt to resist the natural course of life looks like.

But one day this worn-out topic suddenly becomes relevant for you or your friends, and then the realization comes close: Lord, what kind of torment are we dooming ourselves to.

According to my observations, at least three crises await us in middle age.

The first is after about thirty-seven years. The female body, on the way to forty, begins to behave in a monstrous way. I will not say exactly what happens to hormones there, but even the most conserved "girls" start to go crazy. They get fat, the skin sags, some suddenly have acne. In general, everything that can spoil, from hair to character. And this is the moment when a woman is faced with her first choice: at the cost of tremendous efforts to try to stay “in girls” or relax and go to her aunt. All you need to do is give up those five to seven kilograms that have grown on the sides; allow yourself to wrinkle between the eyebrows and near the lips; come to terms with the floating chin line. Letting go of the reins is easy and pleasant, but most prefer to resist. Not everyone has a personal life by this time, and according to Russian concepts, aunts do not get married, so go around as you like, and should roll back five years. And the public will not understand: how is it not to fight for youth ?! And besides, a woman suddenly realizes that she has nothing left of fertility, and if she wanted another child, then she cannot pull further, and this is also a reason to take care of herself seriously.

There is good news for the defiant ladies: at forty, something flips in the hormonal balance, and life is definitely getting better. You are no longer a thirty-year-old young lady, but so far a “girl of undetermined age”, without a serious stamp of aging on your face, if, of course, you have taken enough money to the beautician.

But after forty-five, the situation repeats itself in a more severe version. The body again decides for itself that it is "time", and begins to gain weight, hurt and deteriorate. And again you must choose, acutely aware of the futility of war with time. Face and body demand to get involved in the next round, in which it is much harder to resist and impossible to win.

And you, apparently, will no longer be able to have children: although the climax has not yet come, but somehow it is already clear that a huge stage of life has been completed. For so many years this door has been open for you, you are accustomed to the possibility of having a baby at any time. Now, you know, that's it. The mere thought of this leads some women to bestial despair, while others experience it quite calmly.

Let's say you choose diet, sports, and some kind of plastic surgery. Now you are more or less wonderful "canned food", and the charm entirely depends on the strength of your personality: some are still good, while others become unimaginably boring and sometimes unpleasant, because girls' tricks have exhausted themselves a long time ago, and women's tricks have not worked out too much. you were hiding from your growing up.

And by the end of the sixth decade, a climax comes to everyone, and then either hard braces and an unimaginable daily feat, or finally relax: you have grown old.

When you realize all this coming hell, only one question arises: what the hell ?! Why do I need this and why does the world around me demand it?

Because the world (yes!) Expects from you the longest possible youth. A woman who, at thirty-seven, refuses Botox and gradually becomes covered with wrinkles, causes bewilderment, bordering on indignation. You definitely won't be able to look twenty-five, but why don't you try ?! Do you want to go to the second grade? It is only in the male world that there is a saying about an old horse that does not spoil the furrows, something about noble gray hair and old wine that improves over the years. And for women there is only one possibility: if you get older, get out of the race. You are now an aunt, not a woman.

And it would be fine if it was only a dictate of public opinion, one can not give a damn about it with great pleasure, the inner strength is enough for this. But some primal fear wakes up: ahhh, old women are thrown into the trash! We urgently need to adapt, mimic a young competitive female!

Girls. Hey. You will not be eaten as a useless member of the pack. You can retain youth only if you yourself want to. It is really a great joy to see a toned face and a slender body in the mirror from year to year. But if you are satisfied with the natural course of life, and there is not the slightest desire to fight with time, you can allow yourself to grow old. From this you will not stop being a woman, no matter what your fears whisper. And do not be afraid of public opinion, because adults are you, as you decide your fate, it will be right.

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