10 signs you are a true drama queen
10 signs you are a true drama queen

If you were an actress, then the role in any drama would definitely be yours. We've found several signs that make you a true drama queen.

10 signs you are a true drama queen
10 signs you are a true drama queen

You are a cruel perfectionist

First symptom. Seems like striving for perfect order, perfect relationships, perfect work is your plus? No, you are constantly unhappy with something! It's such wonderful weather outside, and your windows are dirty? The guy seems to be good to everyone, but have not read Dostoevsky? Nothing bad, right? Nothing at all, except for one thing - small imperfections constantly spoil your mood, and as a result, everyone else.

You just love intimate conversations with your best friend

You love them especially strongly when the role of the speaker is given to you. And a friend, if she is a real friend, will listen to you and nod, saying: “What are you, poor thing! What a bastard! " We do not exclude the possibility that the girl has long learned several suitable phrases and does not even listen to your spiritual outpourings, because you never tell her anything new, and her opinion does not interest you.

All girlfriends need you

Otherwise, how will they, sheep, get married? You have already seen more in this life, you have something to say. And all these advices “do not call first”, “do not answer him for an hour” came up with exactly the same ones as you - smart and wise. Only you yourself have never used your advice yet. Maybe so that others can learn from your mistakes?

You are a walking encyclopedia

Whatever you ask, you know the answer to any question. And what you are definitely best at is politics, medicine and relationships with a man. You will prove to anyone that all men are fools, and yours is especially a fool, but a lucky fool - he also met a woman like you on his way. And you also understand better than anyone how to drive a car, how to govern a country and how to cure all the diseases of the world.

The whole world is against you

Most likely, all volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and delays on public transport are to put a pig on you. Naturally, for whom else! You are firmly convinced that this world is against you, and you do not understand why you are so beautiful, so talented, and still so unlucky. All this is the machinations of envious girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.

You don't take jokes

Nobody can laugh at you because you can't stand jokes in your direction. And if someone decided on such a desperate act (not out of malice, of course), then you are incredibly offended, blow your lips and go to grieve somewhere else. And you do it not quietly, but by rattling dishes, slamming the door and throwing the crown: "Chao!" This joker himself is no longer happy that it happened, and will definitely try to make amends for his guilt. But only the first five times: then he gets bored, and the farewell remark may really turn out to be final.

Your playlist is filled with sad love songs

So sad that now your aorta will burst from sadness and mental pain. Naturally, these are your favorite songs, and they perfectly describe your state of suffering and poor thing. No, you also love funny songs, but you listen to them with friends and at that moment when you need to drown out your friend's monologue with music. Only you will speak here.

You are attracted to mysterious men

That is, at first it seems to you that it is full of mysteries and secrets. He is always a little taciturn, always a little not with you. Oh, how enchantingly handsome he is! And all because he remains desirable and interesting for you exactly until the moment when you realize that he is just an eccentric! And then you do not leave him, because the most beloved part of the relationship begins - suffering and eternal struggle. Every day. Admit it, you like it.

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