"What an ugly child!": Parents share forbidden confessions
"What an ugly child!": Parents share forbidden confessions

It is generally accepted that for parents, their blood is the most beautiful child in the world. Several moms and dads shyly admitted what they really experienced when they discovered that their child was not the golden-haired angel that they paint on postcards.

"What an ugly child!": Parents share forbidden confessions
"What an ugly child!": Parents share forbidden confessions
  1. The nose is not a snub nose. One mother admitted that she gasped when she first saw her daughter in the hospital. “She had a ridiculous beak-like nose,” the woman recalls. Fortunately, this turned out to be a temporary phenomenon. The nose just "wrinkled" during the long labor, and over time everything straightened out.
  2. Poured daddy. “Our six-year-old has always looked like me, but that's bad because I'm not handsome. But he is already very smart. So I'm sure he will find how to deal with this problem, how I dealt. "
  3. The swan and the ugly duckling. “When my first daughter was born, she was the most beautiful baby in the world. And when the second was born, we began to compare their photographs, and we were amazed at how different they were. But now the youngest is the most beautiful baby in the world. " This mother admitted that when she was little herself, her older sister was much more beautiful, and their mother loved to emphasize this. We hope the woman does not repeat this cruel mistake with her own daughters.
  4. Boy - teenager - young man. “When our adorable little son grew up, he turned into a lanky, awkward, puny teenager. Plus red curls and poor eyesight - he ended up looking like a nerd. But now, by the age of 17, he has become stronger, more confident in himself, has acquired a sense of style and has become an attractive young man. "
  5. "Kind" granny. “When my second daughter was born, my own mother looked at my granddaughter and said:“Only a mother can like such a face.” And I really thought she was a beauty, so it hit me really hard. "
  6. Anger does not suit anyone. “You can't call our youngest cutie. He was born vicious as the devil, jaundiced and spotted, with tiny, close-set eyes. Six months later, he suddenly turned into a beautiful big-eyed child (but still vicious). It was a difficult test: to love a screaming ball of rage, and even with such an appearance. "
  7. Kid with tonsure. “My toddler is three months old and has started to lose his baby hair starting from the crown and new hair grows blonde. It looks like he is going bald. A strange sight when I feed him in the twilight: it seems that I have put a bald dwarf to my chest. "
  8. Not a mouse, not a frog … “Now my son is a handsome boy, he often receives compliments. But Lord God, what a terrible baby he was. As if crossed a monkey and a frog. At 6 months, he had a hairy forehead, honestly. And then - boom! "He turned into a pretty sweet child."
  9. With a dummy instead of a cigar. “Our daughter looked like a tiny grumpy Churchill. So we called her up to 9 months. She is now three years old and very pretty. "
  10. Is this really my baby? “When I was recovering from anesthesia after cesarean and the baby was brought to me, I asked:" Are you sure this is mine? " He looked like a little rat with tarry hair and black eyes, and I could not believe it was my son. Then he became a nice guy, and the color of his hair and eyes changed. "

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