Return to the big stage
Return to the big stage

On April 13, Legalize will host a concert at Yotaspace. The program includes famous hits and new songs!

Return to the big stage
Return to the big stage

You will have a concert on April 13th. What to expect from him, what will be unusual?

There will be a very interesting and beautiful concert from a visual point of view. The video artist will prepare a program to accompany my performance on video screens, and the professional choreographer Mario Forelli will stage a real dance and theater show.

From my side it will be 100% return, 100% rap concert. The concert will feature songs from my new album. Some of them I will not perform alone, but with wonderful and adored by me and the audience performers with whom we worked on the recording of this album.

Speaking of the new album, you released it ten years after the first one. What happened during these years, what was that period for you?

It was a period of heavy touring, because the last album was a great success. The songs were sorted into quotes, everyone heard them. During these 10 years I have developed, reborn creatively, so that now I can start the ascent anew.

My new album is the first news from me new. It is no coincidence that it is called "Alive". I come back to life, doing my favorite thing. The album turned out to be very lively, a lot of energy and emotions were invested in it. The new album is a bridge between my old and new creativity.


What are your plans for the next 10 years?

I can say one thing - the next 10 years will be very productive. I will try to continue touring and concerts. And I am working very closely and enthusiastically on the new album, which will be in a completely different style.

What can you answer to those who are skeptical about the Russian turnip?

I support them very much and I myself am one of such people! I, as a stern father, are very picky about those who perform rap. After all, now rap is a very trendy direction. Everyone who is not lazy is engaged in rap, but there are diamonds on the stage, truly talented performers.

Tell us about your style of performance?

I try to do the exact opposite of what is usually mistaken for the stereotypes of the rap genre. Obscene language, excessive aggressiveness, distortion of the language, slang - this is not about me. On the contrary, I try to make music joyful, open to people, accessible. I don't rap for rappers, but rap for people. I want everyone to be able to find and hear in my work that which is close to him and that which will touch him for a living. I look forward to seeing you on April 13th at 20:00 at Yotaspace.

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