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The success story of Vasilisa Volkova
The success story of Vasilisa Volkova

Vasilisa Volkova, Chief Operating Officer S. I. D. R. The group, which includes the pub "Ovsyanka, sir", bar "Schrödinger's cat", bar-confectionery "Grimm" and karaoke "Cinematograph" told us how she manages to combine family, motherhood and professional success.

The success story of Vasilisa Volkova
The success story of Vasilisa Volkova

How could you sign your own photo?

- First of all, I would write that I am a family man - a happy mother, wife. And, of course, COO S. I. D. R. The group, which includes the pub "Ovsyanka, sir", bar "Schrödinger's cat", bar-confectionery "Grimm" and karaoke "Cinematograph".

Is that how you imagined it all at the beginning?

- The performances were not very different from what was happening. When I made the decision to independently become the operating director of a restaurant holding, I already had an understanding of what tasks should be performed in the first place, how to establish processes and organize the work of the team. But the restaurant business is the most dynamically developing service sector, where every detail needs to be given special attention. In principle, there can be no secondary questions.

The concept, target audience, location, the right team … And also many other nuances, which initially did not attach much importance, in fact, it turned out, can play an important role. I had to learn already in practice. But, thanks to this, the restaurant business has become even more interesting and attractive for me.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

- I imagined myself as the General Director of Wimm-Bill-Dann:) As you can see, I had a desire to lead a business since childhood.


What is your main life motto?

- One of the main mottos of my life is: “If you want something, it will definitely happen. You just need to make an effort!"

Describe yourself from a professional point of view

- I am responsible and organized, it is important for me to build time management, to keep myself and everything that depends on me under control. This is important for a leader, however, as well as endurance, stress resistance and hard work. If I did not have these qualities, I would not be in my place.

When did you begin your journey as a successful woman?

- Since my birthday.

What is your education?

- I am an economist by education. At the moment, I am mastering accounting. I do not like to stop there

When did you start working?

- I started working at the age of 18, as soon as I could get an official job. Even while studying at the institute, she worked as an evening secretary.

What or who helped to achieve success?

- First, I am grateful to my parents. Family support is important. My beloved spouse is my support, he was there when it was very difficult, and shared everything with me. It's over, my daughter is the main inspiration and motivation. And also the team, their love for business, focus on results.


What's the story behind Cosmo? Why did you choose this particular magazine?

- Cosmo is the first glossy magazine about beauty, style, fashion that fell into my hands. I studied bright pages, fashionable look-images with interest, and was inspired by them. It's nice to know that now someone will also be inspired by me.

What can you wish girls?

- The main thing to remember is that mistakes should not stop you on the way to your goal. On the contrary, it is your invaluable experience, achievement and happiness. After all, having made an inaccuracy several times, you will definitely remember that it is no longer necessary to do this. Good luck!

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