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Makeup under glasses: how to avoid the effect of tiny eyes
Makeup under glasses: how to avoid the effect of tiny eyes

Prescription lenses can shrink your eyes, and makeup can make the problem worse or fix it. So choose the right textures and shades!

Makeup under glasses: how to avoid the effect of tiny eyes
Makeup under glasses: how to avoid the effect of tiny eyes

Apply concealer to the bridge of your nose

Even the lightest frames will smear the foundation in the area of contact with the skin. A pre-applied concealer will make the “adhesion” of the foundation to the skin more reliable and hide possible irritation in this area - which sometimes cannot be avoided due to glasses.

Accentuate your eyebrows

The frame of any glasses attracts attention, so the makeup of the eyebrows should be a little brighter, and the eyebrows themselves should be perfectly laid and neatly shaped. The basic rule is that the brighter the frame, the more active the eyebrow makeup. Be bold, now bright eyebrows are in trend!

Arrows are required

To highlight the lash line, use a gel or pencil, either black or bright. Brown and gray shades do not give the desired effect. Why is it so important to emphasize the eyes with eyeliner? Because…

Mascara - to a minimum

Lengthening mascaras are not your case if you do not want to "cling" the tips of the eyelashes to the lenses. Volumetric is also not the best solution, eyelashes can look plump and short stumps. And, of course, no false eyelash effect. The perfect mascara - with a natural effect, applied in one layer. This is why good eyeliner is so important! Or, you can make an inter-eyelash tattoo and forget about eye makeup.

On the eyelid - primer

Smoky eyes are not for you. At least until you put on your lenses. Together with glasses, this makeup creates the effect of a tired face, with dark circles around the eyes. A good lighter shade primer will help your colored eyeshadow look richer, especially if it contains pearlescent particles. Choose a shade that is contrasting with the color of the eyes.

Don't forget about lipstick

Glasses + eyelid makeup make the accent on the eyes a little hypertrophied, and the image needs to be balanced. Pink, cyclamen or soft plum lipstick will do the job perfectly. But remember: too bright lip makeup is inappropriate, there is a risk of looking vulgar.

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