Dima Bilan is a favorite of Apple Music charts
Dima Bilan is a favorite of Apple Music charts

Russian singer Dima Bilan, who conquered musical Europe, is not going to give up positions in the new realities and shows impressive results in the Apple Music streaming service. Despite the onset of the musicians of the new school, Bilan's track "Lightning" has not left the top 10 of the music chart since the beginning of the new year. By the way, a clip for this track is also available in the Apple Music app.

Dima Bilan is a favorite of Apple Music charts
Dima Bilan is a favorite of Apple Music charts

About the artist (Apple Music):

Dima Bilan's star lit up in 2002 at the New Wave song festival in Jurmala. After the success of the first clips, the whole country started talking about the talented artist, and the album "On the Shore of the Sky" in 2004 became double platinum. In 2006, the singer took second place at the Eurovision Song Contest, and two years later he won this competition. In the wake of popularity, Dima Bilan records the English-language album "Believe", which is produced by Timbaland, and in 2012 he received a prestigious music award in the category "Best European Artist".

You can also listen to this song on Yandex. Music and on Boom

Official Apple Music charts in Russia for the 5th week of 2019


  • The Apple Music Album Chart tops Big Baby Tape. The "Dragonborn" LP did not go off the first line of the charts throughout January.
  • Julia Sievert has returned to the top in the Apple Music song chart. Her single "Life" rose from 2nd to 1st place in a week.

New artists / songs that hit the charts for the first time

  • British metal band Bring Me The Horizon continues to experiment with genres. Some of the headliners of the metalcore scene have released their new album "amo", immediately hitting # 2 on the Apple Music chart.
  • Tim Belorusskikh made one of the loudest musical breakthroughs in 2018. And here again, in just a few days, the 20-year-old musician from Minsk conquered millions of hearts with the sincerity of his romantic songs. The debut album hit the top 10 Apple Music in a day.


1. Big Baby Tape - "Dragonborn"

2. Bring Me The Horizon - "amo"

3. Queen - "The Platinum Collection"


5. Zivert - "Shine" (EP)

6. Rauf & Faik - "I love you"

7. Tim Belorusskikh - "Your first disc is my cassette"

8. Markul - "Great Depression"


10. Scryptonitis - "Holiday on the street 36"


1. Zivert - "Life"

2. Ariana Grande - "7 rings"

3. Tim Belorusskikh - "Forget-me-not"

4. Cali - "Take take"

5. Tim Belorusskikh - "Wet Crosses"


7. Big Baby Tape - "Gimme the Loot"

8. HammAli & Navai - "How to Forget You"

9. Dima Bilan - "Lightning"

10. Rauf & Faik - "Childhood"

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