Cosmo editors about their favorite shoes
Cosmo editors about their favorite shoes

We asked the girls from the editorial office to tell us about the shoes that inspire them and which they wear with pleasure.

Polina Sokhranova, editor-in-chief

This pair of Manolo Blahniks was presented to me for a very important holiday by Sasha Perepelkin and Anya Binevskaya, my friends. Ostrich feathers and silk oblige you to wear such shoes only on special occasions, although they are great with dresses and jeans. Absolutely the same Manolo Blahnik “starred” in the TV series “Sex and the City”. Do you remember the episode where Carrie Bradshaw met a handsome politician at the Sexiest Firefighter competition and then missed the ferry to Manhattan? By the way, immediately after that Carrie had an affair with the politician!

Irina Tolkie, editor-in-chief of the Cosmopolitan website

It so happened that the most unusual shoes I get almost for nothing. After I was desperate to find Sophia Webster sandals of my 38, 5 on Net-a-porter, in the midst of a sale, I had thoughts of finding a similar model from brands “simpler”. And so it happened. The color (I love ultramarine!) Disposes to bold combinations, so, already on the first day of our acquaintance with these sandals, I fluttered in a snow-white pantsuit and fuchsia lipstick. Although, "fluttering" is not entirely true - it is difficult to move around in this "miracle of design", since the last is focused on the case of "standing beautifully" or "sitting effectively". I have no overestimated expectations from Zara shoes - they are not intended for constant wear. But to satisfy your ambitions of a stylist is the very thing!

Suriyana Volkova, art director

Black color, no unnecessary decor, high heels and straps: the combination of brevity and sexuality in this pair of sandals won me over at first sight!

Anastasia Stempkovskaya, senior editor

I love minimalistic clothes, so I always puzzle over what to wear when the dress code of an event implies excessive solemnity. With these Miu Miu sandals, the simplest everyday outfit immediately shines. For many years now, they've helped me out in different situations, whether it's a Great Gatsby themed party or dancing at the Sass Cafe in Monaco.

Olga Sevastyanova, editor

I bought these Steve Madden shoes in Dusseldorf when I was on a business trip in Germany. That evening I decided to try them out at a local club. I turned out to be the only dancing girl in high heels, so the bartenders gave me drinks all night. True, I did not manage to drink everything, because some impudent girls brushed my cocktail off the table along with my bag. Probably in retaliation for the fact that a whole circle of guys gathered around me on the dance floor. In general, you get the idea: good shoes.

Polina Shabelnikova, fashion editor

Purple and green are a great duo thanks to the black background. Incredibly glad that we managed to grab these ultra-trendy Prada at the TSUM sale!

Miu Miu shoes always help me out: whether it's a theme party or a reception in Monaco!

Evgeniya Tarasova, fashion editor

These Marni boots are totally versatile! I wear them with casual dresses, jeans and pantsuits. With my job, when you "ply" from one showroom to another all day in search of things for filming, it is extremely difficult to wear heels. These menswear-style shoes are an elegant alternative to sneakers.

Irina Mikhailova, fashion department coordinator

Transparency is the trend of the season, and in combination with the black color and the classic red soles of Christian Louboutin, it is a real fashion victory. Plus, you can always showcase your pedicure!

Ulyana Gotina, assistant of the fashion department

I bought these shoes during my first trip to Italy, when I was just 18 years old. I remember walking around the shops in an orange wide-brimmed hat and feeling like a real resident of Portofino. Two years later, when I look at this couple, I immediately remember that incredible journey!

Elena Titok, editor of the Cosmopolitan website

I bought these Moschino shoes on the last day of my vacation in Sardinia. No, not for the last money, but … the place in the suitcase was definitely the last one. I had no regrets about the purchase: the shoes match many of my wardrobe items thanks to their black and white colors, and they also remind me of a magical vacation in Italy.

Alina Krasnova, editor of the Cosmopolitan website

These shoes really caught my eye just before Halloween last year, when I was thinking about my image of a sexy witch. I danced on these thorns all night before All Saints Day!

Style: Ruslan Almakaev; Photo: Alexander Zelentsov (Fotoimedia)

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