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How to equip a balcony: 6 best options and step-by-step instructions
How to equip a balcony: 6 best options and step-by-step instructions

Even if the balcony is very small, it is not necessary to turn it into a warehouse for unnecessary things.

How to equip a balcony: 6 best options and step-by-step instructions
How to equip a balcony: 6 best options and step-by-step instructions

Here we have collected the best ideas for "remodeling" a balcony for every taste and budget. Contents of the article 1. How to equip a balcony with your own hands in five steps 1.1 1. Define tasks1.2 2. Free up space1.3 3. Create a comfortable microclimate1.4 4. Make a lighting scheme1.5 5. Think about finishing2. How to equip a balcony inside: design ideas 2.1 1. How to equip a balcony: a bedroom2.2 2. How to equip a balcony inside: a workplace 2.3 3. How to equip a balcony: a gym 2.4 4. Ideas to equip a balcony for a lounge zone3. How to equip a small balcony 3.1 Winter garden 3.2 Rest corner 4. How to equip a balcony in an apartment cheaply 4.1 Wall decoration 4.2 Renew the window 4.3 Furniture and decor Hide

How to equip a balcony with your own hands in five steps

1. Defining tasks

At this stage, we advise you to take measurements of the balcony and decide whether an expansion of the area is required. Already at this moment, you can begin to think about which transformation option is suitable for a space of this size, what materials you need to purchase, how to arrange furniture, and so on.

2. Free up space

If a dump of unnecessary things has formed on the balcony, it's time to disassemble it and free up the room for alteration. Throw away everything that is no longer useful, think over another way of storage for other things. You can find ideas for ergonomic storage in our material with useful life hacks for the home.

3. We create a comfortable microclimate

Since you are not planning to use the balcony simply as a place for storing all sorts of things, but are going to turn it into a living area, the room should be insulated. The "warm floor" system, the use of various heat-insulating materials and high-quality sealed glazing will help you with this.

4. We draw up a lighting scheme

Light is an important item in the arrangement of any room. Having decided on the purpose of the balcony, choose the appropriate lighting intensity. For example, if you decide to turn a loggia into a home office, the lighting should be comfortable for working at a computer - read about how to properly organize a workplace on Cosmo. Do you want to equip a lounge area on the balcony? Then it is better to put a floor lamp or place several sconces with relaxing light on the wall.

5. We think over the finish

In accordance with the chosen style and the purpose of the renovation, choose finishing materials: wallpaper, tiles, laminate, carpet, paint, decorative plaster, etc. Usually balconies have a small area, so it is advisable not to use a dark color finish so as not to make the space even smaller.


How to equip a balcony inside: design ideas

You will be surprised how many options there are to transform an ordinary balcony into a typical high-rise building!

1. How to equip a balcony: bedroom

This redevelopment option will be a salvation for the owners of small apartments. But for the successful arrangement of a mini-bedroom, two technical points need to be considered.

  • Thermal insulation. Provides appropriate glazing (eg double glazing), wall, floor and ceiling insulation, and the use of heating appliances.
  • Soundproofing. For a restful and comfortable sleep, you have to take care of the silence, especially if the house is on the road or on a busy street.

We have collected the best bedroom balcony design ideas that will fit into any budget.

  • As a rule, balconies have a small square, so it is better to choose minimalism as a design strategy: nothing superfluous, only necessary things and laconic furniture.
  • If you want to visually expand the space, use light colors to decorate the walls, floor and ceiling.
  • Hang blackout curtains over your windows to keep the light from lanterns or the sun out of your sleep.
  • The main element of the interior is the sleeping place itself. On the balcony, you can install a bed, a folding sofa, and an unusual transforming sofa. It would be a great idea to make a custom-made frame and put a regular mattress on it. This will allow efficient use of space and support the minimalist aesthetic.
  • For additional insulation and comfort, you can cover the floor with a stylish carpet.

2. How to equip a balcony inside: workplace

To turn a balcony into a functional work area, plan in advance the required number of sockets for the equipment used and the right lighting.

Balcony design ideas for a home office are varied, even though you do not have a large area.

  • The standard option is to install a computer desk with a chair, several shelves or drawers for documents and office supplies.
  • If an ordinary table seems too bulky for you, you can attach the tabletop directly to the wall.
  • The worktop can also be placed on a windowsill. This ingenious balcony design idea will allow you to periodically take a break from your computer while observing what is happening on the street, which is very beneficial for your vision.
  • If space permits, equip a small seating area with a soft pouf or armchair.

3. How to equip a balcony: a gym

You don't have to buy a gym membership to stay active. You can keep in shape without leaving your home, and reworking the balcony into an area for sports activities will help in this. If you have always wanted to have a simulator at home, but did not know where to put it, then a balcony is an excellent solution. Other sports equipment can also be stored there: a yoga mat, various massage rollers, fitball, dumbbells. On the balcony converted into a gym, it is also worth putting a water cooler.

A great balcony design idea for lovers of an active lifestyle
A great balcony design idea for lovers of an active lifestyle

A great balcony design idea for lovers of an active lifestyle

4. Ideas for designing a balcony for a lounge area

Each of us has a different idea of rest, so in the case of the lounge area, several options are possible.

  • Homebodies and lovers of privacy with a book will love the idea of equipping a quiet corner with a soft armchair or corner sofa.
  • An original solution for the design of the balcony is to hang a hammock or a hanging chair.
  • If, in your mind, a seating area is a place where you can chat with a friend over a cup of coffee, put a table with a couple of chairs, two armchairs and a side coffee table on the balcony, or equip a stylish bar counter.
  • When converting a balcony into a seating area, think about what things can help you relax and escape from pressing problems. The TV will become a place of attraction for moviegoers, and vinyl collectors in the lounge area simply need a turntable.
  • The atmosphere of relaxation will help to create textiles: cozy curtains and a blanket, a soft rug, designer pillows.

How to equip a small balcony

If there is very little space, you should not give up the reconstruction of the balcony. Interior designers have come up with a couple of options for this case.

Winter Garden

Lovers of indoor plants can arrange a real paradise on a small balcony! In this case, you can do without furniture at all, unless you put a mobile bookcase for various garden accessories. The design of the greenhouse balcony depends only on your imagination and personal preferences: there can be floor pots with flowers or hanging pots, a Japanese garden or even a landscape composition in a mini-format using herbaceous plants, shrubs and decorative stones.

Rest corner

Even a tiny balcony usually allows you to place a table with chairs, where you can have a glass of wine with someone at home. If you like the view from your balcony, put on a rocking chair and enjoy the scenery. This balcony design idea is also relevant for those who like to retire with a book or laptop.

How to arrange a cheap balcony in an apartment

Don't be discouraged if you are on a budget. There are budget tricks with which you can significantly transform the balcony.

Wall decoration

Budget balcony decoration starts with wall decoration. If you live in a brick house and the balcony is not primed, just leave it as it is. You will get a room in a fashionable loft style. You just need to clean the brick wall well and apply a special water-repellent agent. Concrete or plastered walls can be primed and painted.

Updating the window

When the issue with the walls is resolved, think about how you can refresh the appearance of the window. Leave the plastic frames in their original form, paint the wooden frames with special paint and varnish, and on galvanized surfaces it is worth using roofing paint - this is not the cheapest option, but it is better to save on something else.

Furniture and decor

For those who love tinkering, it will not be difficult to furnish a balcony on a budget. After all, stylish and original furniture is easy to build from improvised things. For example, wooden boxes will replace a coffee table or bedside table, and a self-made rack will serve to accommodate books or houseplants. You can paint old chairs and put bright pillows on them - the furniture will immediately look completely new.

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