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Mamiya Jojua: "It's quite difficult for me to please in food"
Mamiya Jojua: "It's quite difficult for me to please in food"

Mamiya Jojua, the chef of the Kazbek restaurant, told Cosmopolitan about her food preferences, signature dish and the path to success.

Mamiya Jojua
Mamiya Jojua

Have you always wanted to be a chef?

No, I never wanted to become a chef, but I always understood that I could become one if necessary. Since I always spent a lot of time in the kitchen in my mom's little cafe., hence cooking has always been a close affair. When I was studying in Germany, looking for part-time jobs, the first thing that came to my mind was the cuisine of a restaurant. After that, it became clear that I would be a cook.

Is cooking in your family a job or more of a hobby?

In our family, cooking is both a hobby and a job and an obligatory skill to feed children, family and show off to relatives. Let's just say that for every Georgian and for my family in particular, the ability to cook deliciously is very important. To be honest, I always feel a great responsibility when preparing food for relatives.


Which kitchen is closest to you?

Of course, Georgian cuisine is closest to me. Whatever I cook, most likely a piece of Georgia will be felt. But I must say that for the first time in the kitchen I found myself in Germany in an Italian restaurant, because it is also close to me.

Who supports you on your path to success?

The family definitely gives me tremendous support, my wife and mother. I must say that when I returned to Georgia the chef with whom I started working, also supported me on the way to becoming a chef, which was very valuable to me.

What is the biggest achievement in your life, in your opinion?

If we are talking about a career, then definitely this is the Kazbek restaurant. And if we talk in general, regardless of work, then my main and greatest achievement in life I consider my family. And the restaurant "Kazbek" is a second home for me, in which it is pleasant to be, as well as in a family.

What is your signature dish?

It is difficult to say so that I single out any one signature dish. Since I work in a restaurant, I have to pay attention evenly to all dishes and cook everything with all my heart. That's what I do! I can honestly say that I do not like to cook "confectionery". In Georgia, if this is a feast for my guests or relatives, then I can, for example, cook a delicious barbecue, but it will not be correct to single out one dish, I always try to cook with my soul.


Is it difficult for you to please in food? What restaurants do you go to?

Yes, it is quite difficult for me to please in food. I go to absolutely all restaurants that catch my attention with their concept, chef, interior or something else. I have many friends from the field of gastronomy, communicating we often discuss new or old places worthy of attention. So I go often and try a lot of things.

Do you like to cook in silence or with music?

I love to cook with music, definitely. The only thing is, if the kitchen is "steamy", all participants in the process must hear each other well, in this case, complete concentration is required and then the music will be superfluous. If this is a creative moment, I come up with something, then the music always plays in the background.


Have you cooked for any famous guests?

Of course I did. There are a lot of celebrities and they go to restaurants both in Moscow and in Georgia.

What are your future plans?

Now is the period when the Kazbek restaurant is very active. In the foreseeable future, there will be a small update of the menu, in August we will offer our guests a new set within the framework of the festival of the Maison Dellos "Setomania" holding. Further in the plans there is a small project, but it is still too early to talk about it)

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