Liza Moryak: "I need calmness, confidence, stability, recognition"
Liza Moryak: "I need calmness, confidence, stability, recognition"

Liza Moryak, a Russian theater and film actress, in an interview with Cosmo shared the advantages of working with Dmitry Nagiyev, talked about filming the series "Nagiyev in Quarantine - 2" and her dreams.

Liza Moryak: "I need calmness, confidence, stability, recognition"
Liza Moryak: "I need calmness, confidence, stability, recognition"

What is it like to work with Dmitry Nagiyev?

With Dmitry Vladimirovich we have not the first project, but the third. The first is the comedy Girls Are Different, which we filmed in Spain. The second film we filmed in Los Angeles is Goodbye America, which is due out soon. The third is the series "Nagiyev in quarantine - 2".

Coincidentally, my first full-length film, in which I starred, was a picture in which many serious stars took part. I was one of the most inexperienced in the Girls Are Different project. Dmitry Vladimirovich also played there, and at first I did not even believe that I was with him on the court. I just looked at Dmitry Vladimirovich with an open mouth, and he looked at me, and we were both silent, and we lived like that.

Now, of course, we began to communicate)).

How is it to work with Dmitry Vladimirovich? I can answer that I am already used to it and I know how it works. Now I'm always focused not on what I'm playing with, but on the stage itself and what needs to be done and how to look professional.

Was the movie really being filmed in quarantine?

Yes, we filmed our series in quarantine. We are heroic artists who are not afraid of the coronavirus. We existed in a mini-group format. We had a limited number of people, about 10-15. In this mini-kit, we created our mini-project. It is clear that everyone complied with the security measures, you don't even need to talk about this, because everyone in general understood their responsibility. Everyone knew that if we infect Dmitry Vladimirovich, then the entire cinema would suspend its work for several months, since he has a very busy schedule.


What difficulties did you face while filming the series?

There were no difficulties on the set, because we filmed in a rather organized and fast manner. Rather, I was worried that I did not want to repeat myself and move from project to project with one image, so I was looking for a new image in the person of the bride Kirill Nagiyev.

The main advantage of working with Dmitry Nagiyev is that he always plays up the scene in an interesting way, enlivens it, comes up with tricks and uses his humor, which works, oddly enough. Returning to the question whether I faced any difficulty, I can say this: Dmitry Vladimirovich “makes the scene” already on the set, in real time, and you don't know what he will offer you. I remember how once, in a scene with lunch, we all sat at the table and talked, he invited me to lie down on the table so that they could eat sushi from me, I don't know if he was joking or not, but the director did not go for it))

You need to quickly memorize everything, play and be included. Because when you do something wrong, Dmitry Vladimirovich looks with a very strict and direct look. He doesn't tell you anything, but you understand everything.

Why did you choose such an active activity?

I'll be honest and tell you that the feeling when all the artists are sitting at home, and you are working, so warms your soul. What exactly are you - 1% of the actors who are filmed in quarantine, and you can immediately watch this series, since we did everything in an accelerated mode. They immediately filmed, edited and laid out the episodes on the OKKO platform, and then the series was released on screens.

It was a risky experience for me, but I was not at all afraid.

Tell us about your heroine in the TV series "Nagiyev in quarantine". Who is she? Does she look like you?

This is a girl, very obedient, gentle, calm, adores her man and is a fan of her dad, Dmitry Nagiyev. In life, I am completely different. I can get angry and yell. In general, I am a perky girl in life, and maybe sometimes even arrogant. And on the screen I will be an exemplary girl, which everyone should strive for, including myself).

Which of your colleagues inspires you?

I have such a person - this is a woman. I see this person not only as a great artist, but also as a wonderful mother and an excellent cook. For me, Julia Vysotskaya is an inspiration - a woman who in all phases opened up like a flower: she is an amazing mother, a wonderful artist, both in cinema and theater. I adore her performances, I saw a lot of performances with her. She is very tasty and cooks a lot and teaches others, she has her own school, she writes books.

I often cook according to her recipes. I would like to be like this: to play a movie, have a family and an acting school for children. For me, this woman is an example. I admire her.

What do you value most in your profession?

Initially, an actor is a creative person, so it's great that you are surrounded by the same creative and unique people with whom you feel comfortable, with whom you can create. It's like speaking the same language. You feel comfortable, you speak - and they understand you.

I am a girl from Tver, and when I graduated from the Shchepkinskoye School, I could not imagine that I would act in a film, for example, in Spain or Los Angeles. For me, these are all incredible gifts of fate, as I discover the world for myself. I remember with what trepidation I went to Spain in Tenerife. And I had such a feeling of happiness and joy, so I will not now talk about the weaknesses of this profession, but they certainly exist, and it is important to take them into account.


Without which your life would not make sense?

This is a very difficult question, and I could answer it if I had a magic wand that would remove something important to me. For example, family and work. But now I can say that my life would not make sense without family, friends, work and delicious food - it all works together. I am a very down to earth person, I need calmness, confidence, stability, recognition. It is difficult for me to answer your question because it takes time for reasoning and wisdom.

Are missed opportunities a time for regret or a time for reflection?

When we do something, then at this moment in life we make the best decision for ourselves. I don't think there is any need to regret it and rather focus on what you can do next. Here is a perspective for the future, not a return to the past. You can be sad, but draw conclusions and accept that these were missed opportunities. Just don't let it happen again.

What is your favorite piece of literature?

I really love modern fiction. Among her favorite books are the works of Elena Ferrante, who is very popular in Italy, her books have become bestsellers, they even made a TV series based on them.

"My genius friend" is a book that will not leave indifferent those who have a heart.))

And if after that you read "Castle of Glass", you can flutter for a week after reading. Good luck!

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